Difficulty Level: College

I really thought that Daikichi’s life was hard (Usagi Drop). I mean, he was a bachelor living his carefree life until he decided to take in Rin but I guess Yuuta has it a bit more complicated.

Unlike the intelligent Rin who knows that her father died, I guess the grown-ups of this anime will be having troubles unveiling the truth to Hina. It’s not that she’s dumb but she’s just too innocent and in a way, this is their way of preserving that innocence.

We also have the fact that Yuuta would have to provide for everything the girls would need. From food to clothing to their schooling. This undergrad’s cost of living just got multiplied by 4! That or unless he inherited some money from his sister or some miraculous plot device comes up and saves them from their money issues.

What I unexpectedly enjoyed in this episode was the reaction of Sora and Miu when they finally get to see Yuuta’s crib.

It may be me but these are the faces of people realizing how much fucked up they are compared from their previously enjoyed lifestyle. They have a spacious home, their own bathroom, a living room, a gaming console and a badass TV and when they ran away from it all, this is where they ended up. I wonder if they would’ve preferred a better lifestyle than this. Who knows, it may even be Soras’ selfishness to have them stick together.


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  1. x
    Jan 27, 2012 @ 00:59:46

    Multiplied by 4? Beside school fees (which depends on the school and the course of study), I doubt the cost of living for a typical undergrad guy is comparable to the needs of even one young girl who is accustomed to luxuries. He has three girls with him now. Though the cost of living going to be a huge problem, but I imagine that his time, energy and attention is going to get drained out of him easily. This is probably partly why none of the other relatives were willing to take in all three girls. They were not willing to sacrifice that much.


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