With great power comes… yeah, you know the drill

This anime is still having a smooth course with its introductions. While the issue regarding the previous episode has been resolved conveniently, I did like how Marika is able to get the answers she’s been looking for by being confronted directly by her mother. Especially regarding their pep talk about power and the responsibility to wield it. It’s quite refreshing for old lessons to be reviewed with a different touch, in this case, her mother casually telling her about it (lesson on responsibility) during her first use of a firearm.

That Kurihara character still bugs me though. While she’s seems un-affiliated with the Bentenmaru, I wonder what her agenda is.


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  1. x
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 02:01:21

    I suppose these early episodes are like the “training” arcs of a shounen story. Entertaining enough so far but doesn’t really catch my attention. What bothers me is how our protagonist is starting almost from zero in every aspect. I’m also starting to think that all the “threats” are just set up (by various other parties) to teach the protagonist “lessons” and tests her abilities/limits (with the intention of placing her in a position that will favour them…). I guess that given that there are 26 episodes, there is enough time to believably portray her growth from planet bound school girl to space pirate.


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