Pulling out a Madoka Magica end?

Deep down, I was expecting they’d mimic how Madoka accepted her fate as a Puella Magi. Guess I wasn’t entirely wrong.

And in the end, everything came back to pure fantasy. If “fate” was being sarcastic, then this is probably its most vivid display of sarcasm. For one, who put Shoma and Kanba in that box in the first place? Who decides who lives and dies? And what of the Child Boiler? Who IS Momoka and who IS Sanetoshi? Are they representations of God? the devil, sins, morality, injustice?

To be honest, looking back after witnessing this final episode, I see myself as either an idiot for not noticing the symbolisms or just stupid for my lack of comprehension and imagination in my attempts to tying up the knots.

So after giving their own lives, Kanba and Shoma were able to save Himari and Ringo at the expense of using their Penguindrum during the fate transfer which was the “apple” that Kanba split with Shoma when they were locked in their cage.

A few episodes back, they were discussing how a goddess decided to punish Himari or vaguely, one of the Takakura siblings in the “Allegory of the Scorpion’s Fire” (I dubbed this as such btw). In the end, it seems that the ones who were truly punished were Kanba and Shoma for respectively committing a crime; Kanba sharing his fruit of fate and Shoma receiving it. Ultimately, the punishment came in the form of seeing Himari suffer and them being powerless to do anything about it despite their sincerest efforts of saving her… Because goddesses are annoying bitches that dwell on human suffering.

Now after the transaction has been made, they pulled a Madoka Magica ending. Just a refresher, When Madoka decided to take it upon herself to banish all witches, all memories of her were lost except from Homura and her little brother. Likewise, Himari, Ringo, and Masako forgot about Kanba and Shoma and their relationships with them, not until Himari was reminded of the teddy bear with a note in it.

Then came the ending scene where we see two familiar kids walking and the reunion of all 4 penguins. I suddenly remembered that these kids were also talking about the same thing, the “apple of fate”, back in episode 1 but I couldn’t recall if those kids shared the same hair color with Kanba and Shoma. Now assuming that these two were INDEED the reincarnation of Kanba and Shoma, I guess we can say that everything ended “happily”… Well, subjective to the notion of “happiness” where Himari and Ringo may turn out to become shotacons and bang up the younger Kanba and Shoma, but I digress.

Overall, I think those who are truly perceptive enough may be able to fully enjoy this anime with all its symbolism and hints. If you are looking for entertainment however, you might find yourself being immensely trolled by this anime, to the point that everything doesn’t add up to make even a bit of sense anymore.


* I really want to bang myself hard for deleting all my previous downloads for this series considering the references that can be pulled from the previous episodes to make understanding this anime a bit better… fuck

* I wouldn’t have probably enjoyed this anime if it weren’t for GG fansubs


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Dec 26, 2011 @ 21:12:59

    Heh, gg does make things worst for this particular show. I don’t have problems with symbolism and hints in general, but the presentation of the first half at least made it not worth my time. The annoyance factor was too high to make it worth while :p. I suppose it had the ending you were looking for, given that you still have intentions of re-watching at least some of the episodes?


  2. baka~
    Dec 26, 2011 @ 22:28:32

    Heh, gg does make things worst for this particular show

    not really “worst”. if it weren’t for gg’s antics I would’ve probably dropped this anime sooner XD

    you still have intentions of re-watching at least some of the episodes?

    of course not XD

    the only reason i’m willing to review certain scenes is to lay out the data I remember such as the two kids talking about the apple. other than that, do know that I immediately deleted all my copies of that anime. it would save me space and another 24 episodes worth of senseless mindfuck XD


  3. x
    Dec 26, 2011 @ 23:48:30


    lol, and here I was starting to wonder if I should take a second look without gg’s antics or something. Okay, now that I got what you mean, never will I even think of watching this ever again. “24 episodes worth of senseless mindfuck” indeed XD


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