Too fast for thought

I’m not following anything anymore. Momoka fought with Sanetoshi before, attempting to banish him from the world which resulted in both of them being split in half. With Momoka seemingly residing in the Penguin Hats and Sanetoshi becoming a “curse” in the form of two black rabbits.

So what about the penguin princess? the scorpion’s heart? the goddess who punished the Takakura siblings? Mario’s penguin hat? what did that all amount for?

There’s nothing bad with a bit of theatrics but looking back, it was simply meaningless, if not, only a troll meant to serve as convenient plot devices to spark interest. But as this series come to a close, it does nothing of importance. It simply delayed the truth that should be seen, misleading us at every turn.

And so, where does the truth lie? the answer is, “not yet”. Deducing the truth from this kind of anime would be better off after the last episode. It is the hope that I wish for in the grounds of understanding what this anime tried to become.

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  1. x
    Dec 20, 2011 @ 11:34:29


    Well, it’s just one more episode to go, and hopefully you will find the truth you are looking for. Personally, I’ll be glad if the day ever comes when I won’t be reminded of this anime :p.


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