He who stands at the top

This episode was definitely way beyond my expectations. I was content with Iskander’s pep talk with Saber and Gil but for him to show his ultimate just a few minutes before the episode ends is definitely something I never expected. If it comes to, I even think that it can rival Gil’s Gate of Babylon but who knows.

Does drawing a character differently emphasizes that some of these guys are heroic spirits?

And so comes to the question raised by Iskander: “What is a king?”

I never really thought of Saber being broken easily by this exchange of words. Well, not that it was evident that she lost her resolve but she was shaken by how the truth dawned upon her and how her wish to undo everything may even be considered as the greatest sin for Iskander. I guess that explains how Saber was content by the end of Fate/Stay Night during her route, with Emiya Shirou forcing her to destroy the grail by using up the command seals and seeing her lay there with a smile with Bedivere. I guess it is there where she accepted her fate and simply refused to pursue her foolish ideals.

I guess in a way, her stubbornness is reflective of her masters (both Emiya Kiritsugu and Emiya Shiro) considering all three of them pursue their ideals no matter how hypocritical or misguided it is all the while, sharing their fates of redemption where Shiro redeemed himself during the UBW and HF arcs, Kiritsugu living a secluded life as Shiro’s foster father, and her accepting her death and the fate of her country.

Drawing a comparison to Saber Nero of Fate/Extra, I guess Nero’s reign as an emperor and Arturia’s demise as king draws a parallel form of tragedy. It’s not that they were both betrayed by their people but rather, they loved their people so much that it backfired on them; with Arturia welcoming the fate to live and die for the people and drowning in her own despair and regret and Nero loving her people so much that she gave everything that she could for them but that act wasn’t even reciprocated in return.

Off-topic, mentioning Saber (Extra), I enjoyed how Saber (Fate) seem to have a thing or two against her in Carnival Phantasm: Ilya Castle Special. I wonder if Typemoon would restart the holy grail wars to include all servants XD


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. feal87
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 20:30:37

    …but…but…why the animation quality drop so badly in this episode? 😐


  2. x
    Dec 13, 2011 @ 02:18:33

    heh, the animation quality dropped on and off in this anime. Some how I don’t really mind that much, unlike some other anime this season. Probably has something to do with it being entertaining enough for me not to notice as much… XD


  3. baka~
    Dec 14, 2011 @ 20:46:13

    whoah, guys, guys, there’s no need to be nitty gritty on animation details especially if they were able to convey a meaningful content… well, my personal opinion tho since I do have a tendency to act high and mighty irl and Iskander’s advice is quite a welcome… motivation on what it truly means to act high and mighty. Simply put, it’s as if he’s telling me on how to become a better asshole… or something along those lines.

    Though I have to agree with the animation drop. It reminded me of how fucked up Fate/Stay’s animation quality especially after seeing Saber in a lot of weird angles orz


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