And their feelings splattered all over the place

Chapters 166 and 167 has been inconsistent so far. It’s as if Tamaki is rushing a lot of things that these chapters fell out of place. For instance, I see it as convenience for Diana to suddenly come and reveal her feelings to Keima then for Tenri to cheer him up.

Sure, Katsuragi’s lies backfired on him big time but I expected him to be down and unmotivated for at least 1 whole chapter, not a convenient transition of a plot resolution between chapters 166 and 167.

That goes without saying that I am disappointed with the cohesiveness of the plot. Well, what’s done is done. Things to watch out for would be Chihiro getting a visit from Lune. My gut feeling tells me that since the masochist didn’t do squat last chapter, she may be going after Chihiro. Whatever her agenda is, she seem to be aware, more or less, of Keima’s activities.

Well, with Keima getting a bit of refresher, I wonder how he’d progress now with the last capture. With Ayumi seeing Chihiro betrayed, she has more reason to doubt Keima and would definitely put up a defensive wall around her. Considering her relationship with Chihiro, I doubt Keima would be able to break such impenetrable wall. Not unless someone interferes.


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  1. x
    Nov 28, 2011 @ 04:00:31

    I still don’t think that Lune knows enough about Keima to be dangerous. I trust that Apollo’s work will prevent her from causing real trouble until the appointed day :p.
    Also I think the reason for Tenri/Diana’s visit, plot wise, was more or less to postpone his lament and reflection to a later event. He is one lucky guy to have someone like Tenri at his side just when he needs it. Makes me jealous :p.


  2. Yerocha
    Nov 28, 2011 @ 08:08:36

    At first I was worried that Keima’s other relationships were going to fall apart, but I’m glad that’s not the direction they took. At this point, it really feels like the only way for Keima to capture Mercury is with outside help, and lots of it.


  3. baka~
    Nov 28, 2011 @ 23:23:34


    Apollo has been divining the future right?

    As for your share about Tenri/Diana’s involvement, I still see it as way too conveninet. There wasn’t even a hint on how depressed Keima was for her to notice. It’s as if Tenri/Diana “sensed” something wrong and decided to pay a visit… For me, that’s a bit… cliche?


    One possibility is to have a goddess handle such matters, most probably Yui considering they are in the same band but will Mercury favor her sisters or Ayumi’s feelings?


  4. x
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 01:16:33


    Apollo has be divining the future, and also partially “purifying” what she calls “misfortunes”. Assuming those “misfortunes” include what is going on with Keima and Vintage, the worst case scenario shouldn’t happen until she is overwhelmed as she predicts on the last day of the festival.

    Tenri’s is convenient :p. I don’t mind it that much though. It’s not as if Diana sensed anything at all. It starts with Diana panicking and bothering Keima with yet another midnight visit (she seem to do that a lot, and I guess this chapter confirms why XD). Diana plans for Tenri to spend some “quality time” with Keima. Tenri takes over, she noticed Keima not responding the way he normally would. He hesitated while trying to make a statement, then avoided her question. Giving her more reasons to believe he is not himself.

    In a way, the visit was not really unexpected. The night before, Diana supposedly realized what her “problem” is. This was the next opportunity for her to pay a visit to try do something about it. Though I do think it was not a well thought out move, but it is not entirely surprising that she would do something about it as soon as she thought she could.


  5. x
    Dec 04, 2011 @ 15:32:08

    Flag 169 was released early. Seems like things are finally moving forward a bit for Keima after the last twenty chapters. Then again, this could just be another diversion.


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