Oh for fuck’s sake!!

Slowly, surely, they ooze out the truth like it was an ordinary day

So a lot of questions arise at this point such as WTF is this mission about? Is it really worth it to abandon your children for X or so years? Does the Takakuras have some sort of magic or what not rivaling that of Momoka’s in the ability to alter fate? If Himari was an adopted daughter of the Takakuras then why is she so important to them? Time and time again she becomes this little, annoying princess shit that needs saving and comes along Kanba getting his body pushed to abnormal limits in simply doing so.

I mean, the dude got dragged by a truck and almost lost his hand and arm and for what? I’m not saying he should abandon Himari, I’m simply asking why is she so important? Is she a figure that represents/binds together the Takakura family? Is she their plaything? What? What?

Yes Himari, let's play house and you're the slut we get to bang 24/7

And what about Mr. Electrifying? From what I understand so far, he seems to be in admiration for Momoka’s Diary yet, at the same time, sees it as a threat to his plans. It’s as if God has met an equal and decided to duke it against him… er… her… played a betting game of sorts where they clash by fucking up people’s fates… Whoah, exaggerated speculah there but I really can’t tie the knots as to what his goal is.

I still can’t believe I’m following this anime through and through… I hope the ending doesn’t troll.


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  1. x
    Nov 22, 2011 @ 02:48:53

    From your blogs, I get the impression that when the anime ends, and if I get someone to explain to me what happened towards the end, I might get brain damage XD


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