So much for fasting

And here I was totally excited of how overpowered Monarch was now that he’s hungry… As it was taught previously by Yarizui to Shaga, if you’re not after the food, then you ain’t worth shit, shown by how they easily defeated Monarch in this episode but well, it was a 3 on 1 match so it’s no doubt that he’d be going down in no time. I did enjoy their co-op play though against the big guy so what the heck.

And with Monarch’s arc coming to a close, not to mention Yuu (The Wizard) moving on with his life, what’s left for our heroes? I guess Satou’s aim now is to earn a title for himself, his nom de guerre or whatever, but what then? Will it finally go back to its peaceful days or will a stronger wolf emerge from the shadows?

Oh and a thank you to Oshiroi for her wild imagination and to GG fansubs for subbing this episode XD


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  1. x
    Nov 13, 2011 @ 23:05:56

    I’m lost for words when I see Oshiroi and her novels XD. This episode was a bit disappointing after all the setup in the last episode. Overall it was still somewhat fun to watch. There are some scenes that feel like they are from a b-grade movie or something. Wish we got to see how those two finished their fight :p


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