The Diary that binds them all

While the identity of the Penguindrum is still unknown, this episode made it clear that 3 factions are intertwined by a missing girl’s diary which are:

1) The “Let’s Bring Back Momoka from Dimension X” alliance made of Tabuki and Yuri
2) The “Save Mario” Brigade whose only member is Masako… and her maid??
3) The “Save Himari” party made of the Takakura Brothers

At this point of the story, it is clear that Oginome Ringo, without her diary, is out of the picture. There is clearly nothing that she can do aside from supporting Shouma. Whatever it was that she was after, the recreation of her Family or what not, she lost all chance of it ever since she lost possession of the diary.

And this anime runs for 17 episode while still leaving things under the shadows. I have to admit, i’m quite impressed. Of all the trolls in anime that I encountered and decided to drop, this is the one anime that really had me stuck like glue. There’s no clear resolution yet every episode shows promise of one. It leaves the impression, kept me hoping that the next episode will unveil it all, ending up betrayed when the episode comes.

So questions linger and while there are no trust issues challenged, I would like to raise their motives and intentions. For one, Himari’s Hat Goddess Mode seem to know what the Penguindrum truly is and she knows Kanba possesses it. But WHAT is it and why does she have to speak in such vague directives? My only guess here is that the Penguindrum is something that needs to be “grown” before it materializes. An accumulation of “something” that is required from Kanba. But what is it and most importantly, what is its direct connection with Momoka’s Diary? Are the encounters that they had necessary in order for the Penguindrum to reveal itself?

Continuing on with the vague stuff, Yuri and Tabuki believes that Momoka still exists “somewhere” when she used her powers to “alter” fate and save a number of people during that day of terrorism but from where did that belief came from? Was that an investigation they conducted or simply a gut feeling that became their raison d’etre? And what of the judgment that Tabuki decided to pass down to Himari? Was that driven by a contradiction to his “preaching” of Yuri early on or was that something else? A play of words if you will.

Lastly, what of Sanetoshi? That shady rabbit doctor is pretty much at the center of it all, if not, he’s the person closest to the truth but what does he know and how does it relate to everything, the Penguindrum, the Diary, Momoka?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kuuki
    Nov 07, 2011 @ 01:14:12

    I think the Penguindrum is Shoma!
    Because obviously Kanba wouldn’t want to give up on Shoma even to save Himari.

    And as for Sanetoshi I believe he is somehow related to the hat-samas but how, that is a mystery.


  2. baka~
    Nov 09, 2011 @ 21:50:51

    This feels like one unbelievable yet feasible theory. Considering how Shouma has been left out (via the eject button or Kanba’s ‘deeds’), we can only conclude that this is done in order to protect him under the guise that ‘he’s annoying’… Good speculah there Kuu 😀


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