Mindless Violence

No, seriously, I feel sorry for the guy x_x

So we finally get introduced to Shaga which was revealed to be Satou’s cousin which seems ok with incest stuff (if you could call cousin x cousin relationship incest) as well as a wolf having the title “The Beauty by the Lake”. While she’s a fun character to have around, her trait to abuse her skill, which I dub as Womanly Charms, really annoys me. Just to remind readers, I am not fond of female characters ordering and taking advantage of male protagonists using their Womanly Charms which would range from physical assets, intellectual mindfuck, or unreasonable puppy eyes (especially the puppy eyes).

That aside, Shaga isn’t all that annoying. She’s a competent fighter in her own right and it seems that her feelings for her cousin is the real deal. And the mere fact that she hides it off with her smiles and lively personality is another plus for me when it comes to liking characters.

For this episode’s moral lesson, again, I can’t help but wonder what kind of magic mushroom the author of Ben-To took. To relate real-life goals with food and slap in some “if you don’t keep the food in mind, it’s just violence” is just fucking… GAR. Over and over, we learn that life is a battle, a war if you will. But if it is, what are we fighting for? Who are our enemies?

Again, Ben-To was able to convey such ideals with the help of fellow half-priced lovers duking it against one another, each of them going after their goal. There are no hard feelings, there is only respect and a wolf’s pride on the line every time they run after their food goals especially after Sen’s exchange with Shaga. For what reason was she fighting, that Lady of the Lake? Is she truly after half-priced food or was she blinded by the challenge of beating stronger opponents? Was her encounter with Sen and her passion in defeating driven at the spur of the moment or did she had such a mentality ever since?

And what of the wolf that Satou exchanged blows with? From the OP animation, he seems to be the antagonist of the show but what are his goals?

Another good episode with fight scenes that had me at the edge of my seat (er… my bed).


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  1. x
    Oct 31, 2011 @ 04:56:49

    Sigh, love this show, no matter what other critics are saying. My only complaint is that they use the same old blur guy when it comes girls and love crap. Just how strong is Satou anyways? Or is that guy really that weak? From that position, in the second last shot, Satou was disadvantaged :p. Fun episode nonetheless 🙂


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