And the troll continues to roll

Despite the dark undertones in this anime and the gratuitous amount of troll, I still can’t find myself dropping it even for the lulz. In this episode, we see Yuri’s flashback and how Momoka was related to her as well as revealing the full potential of the Fate Diary which I wonder to not have any effect when used before by Ringo.

Taking in the laws of equivalent exchange (FMA reference if you will), you need to pay something up in order to alter fate. What Ringo has been doing past episodes were akin to this except for the fact that she never paid for anything. She never got hurt, lost someone she held dear, it’s as if whatever she did to make Tabuki hers by following the diary never worked or rather, was never compensated for. Which is weird. Does this mean that only the chosen ones, in this case, Momoka, can activate the true power of the diary?

Also, on Momoka’s disappearance ever since that train incident, I had a feeling that she used the diary to alter her own fate in order to cheat death at the cost of probably being transported to another timeline or perhaps, a different dimension. I guess the price there would be that she had to give up her current life, leaving her friends and even her only means of going back: her Fate Diary. With this, we can assume that without the Fate Diary Momoka can never return from the dimension she was stuck in or from wherever she was transported to.

Still, the question remains, what does it all tie to? The penguinhat, the rabbits, the diary, and even the two idol friends of Himari who seems to remember her. The common ground for everything is still vague but this episode progressed the story quite a bit more than what I was expecting.

Oh and fuck you Shouma for your attempt of being a knight in shining armor.


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  1. Kuuki
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 00:14:11

    Think about it, the thing about Ringo altering her fate and not paying any price for it would only work if she was the one writing all of this in the diary.
    If the whole Tabuki’s conquest wasn’t written by her she wouldn’t have had to pay anything but someone else would have.


  2. x
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 00:29:31

    There’s still nine more episodes. I think any hints seen right now is just more trolling and more mind twisting. I’ve dropped this, but I’m still somewhat interested in where this goes. I’m guessing the trolling will probably continue through the last episode.


  3. baka~
    Oct 27, 2011 @ 02:14:02


    Correct me if I’m wrong but from what I understand from your statement is that what Ringo has been following as personal ideas that she wrote in and probably, not the Diary’s real content? Or are you saying that it was Ringo who’s writing down the prophecies in the diary?


    As it stands, Penguindrum is at the verge of interesting and boring and I guess this is the reason that they’re using their trolls effectively. If anything, the producers and staff involved with this show are playing their cards right in order to keep (most of) its audience coming back for more… troll X_X


    • Kuuki
      Oct 27, 2011 @ 23:13:20

      What I’m saying is basically that someone else wrote down the prophecies in the diary.
      And I think it’s Tabuki. It would explain what he was doing with the diary at the funeral and why Ringo has it back, and the injuries he had.


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