The value of hard work

Falcon Punch BITCH!!

And we continue episode 3 with no clear explanation of Satou’s improvement, not that it matters at this point anyways.

Again, this episode progressed the story while maintaining a clear definition of what it is that makes this battle royale so attractive. Episode 2 taught us the rewards of seizing and enjoying victory while episode 3, not only emphasized what was taught in episode 2, but also teaches us the glory and honor of skirmishing and defeating against stronger foes. On a personal level, while I avoid fighting games due to its “complexity”, Satou’s realization explains why i’m so addicted with League of Legends… It’s always the thrill to bash up against great players that keeps me coming back for more.

Back to the episode, I think the introduction of Hunting Dogs to the story emphasized the moral lesson extremely well but I wonder if these guys finally served their purpose over the series or we’ll be seeing them back again. Well, their style of acquiring their meal was ingenious, using the rules of the battle royale against its combatants but it challenged the morality being established by the anime and, was ultimately defeated by Satou who has again showed great prowess and beating people up. Honestly, from level 1 this guy suddenly got boosted to level 30 even being able to block the Hunting Dogs’ leader’s punch. WTF!!

Anyways, good episode and it seems that another character will be joining the riot.


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  1. x
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 06:49:50

    Virtua Fighter reference? I never imagined that I would enjoy this anime as much as I have, given that this anime has many of the tropes that I usually find annoying. Can’t wait for the next episode! XD


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