Questioning Morality

I’m not really familiar with the eras in the Gundam Universe or have great knowledge over the past series of Gundams but since I have the opportunity to, why not give this anime a shot…

Taking on the typical beginnings of a Gundam series, it starts with a colony being destroyed and the Gundam activating to save it, not to mention the typical genius civilian who is able to pilot the damn thing.

Mecha and visuals aside, I really find the plot weak as of the moment. Unlike Gundam SeeD and Gundam 00 where the protagonists are aware of the cruelty of war in the extent that what they are fighting are human beings (or enhanced humans for SeeD), in Gundam AGE, it gives the impression that what they are fighting are aliens… Not limiting our thought that aliens may also take form of humanoids, it still gives the impression that whatever the protagonist is up against isn’t human and as far as racism goes, we discriminate those we do not understand as well as those who look different. While there’s no hint of the enemy revealing themselves (since they burned one of their kind), it still leaves that after taste that it’s ok for a kid to kill an enemy just because it is alien.

And where’s the morality there? I would’ve preferred the typical teen drama that have been given to us by previous Gundam generations since it has put up the notion that teens mature dramatically over the course of the series. But for a child to experience the reality of war and to commit an act of murder, for a Gundam franchise, this feels wrong… Unless Flit’s growth would be patterned after Setsuna S. Seiei’s youth in that his eyes were opened to the harshness of war at such a young age but I digress.

So is this a bad Gundam for its franchise? While it is early to say, I am quite skeptical especially after this episode. Perhaps if I get to see more and see how things would develop. If anything though, I do hope that the protagonist doesn’t turn out to be a form of newtype/coordinator/innovator. I prefer my protagonist to use the full extent of their human capabilities and not of their genes (i.e. Heero Yuy).


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