Despite the mediocre animation quality, Ben-To IS an interesting anime to watch. On the outside, it is stupid as to how people would fight over food for half the price. Practically speaking, it isn’t worth shit to put your life on the line in order to enjoy something so cheap but I guess, that’s the charm to it.

People fighting each other to obtain the thing they want, with the aspects of hard work and determination, and to reap the rewards by enjoying a meal. I may be going overboard here but that’s the vibes it gives off with this anime, as evidenced by how the monk and the faceless chick parted ways despite the fact that they were enemies when the half-price fiasco started. It is a battle royale after all so there’s no surprise that today’s friend may even be tomorrow’s enemy. I guess such is the life at the convenience store.

The question now is will hard work and determination be enough for our protagonist? As far as it stands, he’s weak as shit and if there’s anything that annoys me the most, its protagonists with no defining quality of strength. Intelligent protagonists are fine but that doesn’t seem to be the case with this anime since it looks like an all-out brawl with every man and woman for himself.

Dumb as Fuck!

Well, the series is just starting so let’s let it slide but I do hope he progressively gets stronger and not because he gets slapped almost 24/7 by Shiraume just because he’s around Oshiroi.

Oh and to note, was that really Ai Kayano as Ume Shiraume? It sounds as if she’s on a whole different league! It’s as if her voice range can grant her access to tsundere, yandere or simply plain pissy characters! FUCKING AWSM ♥♥♥


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  1. Kuuki
    Oct 09, 2011 @ 23:53:21

    Hiro Shimono is awesome in that one. Pure awesomness.

    And it’s because the plot is so ridiculous that it’s so enjoyable


  2. baka~
    Oct 09, 2011 @ 23:56:55

    I love his Akihisa role more since I can bring myself to forgive him whenever Aki whines 😀


  3. x
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 08:50:33

    This one was a surprise. I didn’t really think much of it from the title. The episode started confusing (as confusing as it is for the protagonist I suppose), but as the story goes along, it gets more and more interesting. The voices are good. The action is really great. The characters are dumb, but the slapstick humor with perfect timing makes it really fun to watch XD


  4. Keiri
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 11:40:28

    Oh and to note, was that really Ai Kayano as Ume Shiraume? It sounds as if she’s on a whole different league! It’s as if her voice range can grant her access to tsundere, yandere or simply plain pissy characters! FUCKING AWSM ♥♥♥

    Oh yeah, I keep fangirling over Kayanon but I guess I never shared why I’m a fan of hers apart from the fact that her voice is lovely (EAR THERAPY FTW) and I adore her radio + TV personality works (Or perhaps I did share it somewhere else before but I forgot where ^^;). I’ve checked out some of her drama CDs besides her Anime roles and I gotta say, one of the top reasons why I’ve come to love her and am keeping a close eye on her career is because of her wide voice range + role versatility (If you’ve browsed through my soup, you might have come across one of the drama CD samples from Sukitte Iina yo. – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=981lu-TkpXE Totally love that tone! ♥). She’s still very distinguishable in that you can easily tell it’s her no matter whether she uses her higher or lower registers but she’s really versatile in the way she can effortlessly pull off loli and mature adult women roles as two extreme examples of her voice spectrum, as well as character types ranging from sweet, gentle ladies to headstrong, tsuntsun tomboys (And I’m particularly looking forward to hearing her as a woman in rage with killer intent, hopefully soon when a certain series begins airing).

    As for Ben-to, I’ve tried the first episode. It does look entertaining but I’m doubtful at this point whether it’s something I would diligently watch in the long run. Depending on how it goes, I may marathon it later. ^^


  5. baka~
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 20:27:05

    that tomboyish girl was… Ai Kayano?

    OOOOKAY Let me refresh my memory. There was Menma from AnoHana and Isana from Yumekui Merry. There’s also her Ayaka role in KamiMemo which sounded similar with her Isana. Her Ai from Sacred Seven was lolwut that I didn’t recognize (probably minor character syndrome). Her Itsuwa hardly spoke. Then there’s Ben-to… CAN SOMEONE SQUEEZE MORE ROLES FROM THIS GIRL? I WANT TO HEAR HER ON DIFFERENT ROLES!!! ESPECIALLY YANDEEEERES XD ♥♥♥


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