Guns ablazing!

I never thought I was watching an hour long movie! Guess I was that much glued on my screen for the remainder of this first episode.

Giving a proper introduction to Fate/Stay Night’s prequel, Fate/Zero reintroduced a lot of concepts that would be involved for this series’ run; From Magus’ to Servants, up to the Grail itself and to be honest, I think the first episode narrative was good. Everything blended smoothly with the characters and the events, It’s as if I suddenly find myself dragged in that world for 40 or so minutes.

As for character impressions, I’m already nauseated by the fact that these guys would have to kill each other for the Holy Grail. There are a couple of characters that I have already taken a liking with such as Waver Velvet (his philosophy of hardwork over inherited talent appeals to me) and Kariya Matou (his one-sided devotion was fucking GAR). Of course there’s also Emiya Kiritsugu which made me laugh a lot especially after they revealed his crude, unorthodox methods of mage slaying.

As for the voice cast, goddamn another epic win! Hayami Sho as Tokiumi Tohsaka sounds annoying as it is and Rikiya Koyama really fits Kiritsugu’s no-nonsense personality and Sayaka Ohara is a perfect fit for the gentle Irisviel. And while I never heard this Tarusuku Shingaki, I have to admit that his emotional conversations with Sakura moved me. It may be the BGM at that moment mixed with his voice but I don’t care. It was a touching scene, somewhat fitting for the tragedy that his character had to endure.

With a proper start, this series is definitely sold!


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  1. x
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 15:24:13

    Interesting episode, almost everything was great. Got me watching intently throughout the episode even though I was not interested in the story (I seldom watch prequels and I tend to avoid stories where I know most of the characters will die). Everything feels so sad already, and this is only the beginning. At the same time, there is a sense of anticipation and excitement. Lets see if I can get myself to watch this all the way to the end.


  2. Keiri
    Oct 04, 2011 @ 22:49:07

    Twisted ideals and warped principles, a noble anti-hero as the protagonist instead of a self-righteous kid… If there are elements which really made me fall in love with the Fate/Zero LNs, they’re those mentioned above. I’m simply loving the fact that the overall feel of this Holy Grail War carries a graver atmosphere than the one that follows it. As much as I liked Fate/stay night, I can’t help but think the Holy Grail War there was more of an emo squabble between teenagers compared to the resolutions and ambitions infused in this War when you take the participants into account. Heh, leave it to Urobuchi to come up with a story that is screwed up in a dark albeit good way. 🙂


  3. baka~
    Oct 05, 2011 @ 14:10:01

    True to what Keiri said, this anime gave the vibes of an all-out war that is about to happen which is on a different level than what was introduced in F/SN. I’m already feeling the desire to kill from out characters and it’s a good sign considering the grim nature of this anime.


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