This is probably the gayest, gar-est, most badass pose i’ve ever seen

While it never answered the origins of the Reading Steiner nor any explanation of how they retained their past memories, this was a sufficiently, or rather, a properly executed finale. I was honestly surprised how subtle everything was as it shifted from one perspective to another.

The execution of comedy c/o Okarin’s antics to the struggle as he recreates the scene of Kurisu’s death, not to mention that he failed at his WTF moment when he realized that the blood he’s supposed to use dried up. Everything felt free-flowing the entire time that I never really noticed how short the entire episode was.

I think Steins;Gate has been one of the best, 24-episode show I wasted my life on. From the interesting plot concept, the unique characters, to the very seiyuu that breathed life to them. Everything with this anime is so damn enjoyable.

I’m not saying that this series is without flaws. Looking back, I think the crucial point of people actually watching this anime rode on the first few episodes. The scene where Mayushi dies is an instant attention grabber but we have to admit that the first few episodes of Steins;Gate weren’t all that gripping. People were skeptical at first until this anime gradually gained momentum and boy, was it rewarding.

While Steins;Gate still had episodic disappointments along its run, featuring either stale exploration of the Phone Microwave or the Reading Steiner, or poor/rushed character development, I believe that the overall enjoyment gained from this anime is well worth it.

Before wrapping it up, let’s take a look once more at the seiyuus who made this show kick ass.

I think it’s common for male seiyuu to excel so much in acting while using the same kind of voice. Mamoru Miyano is no different from this. His take as Kira in Death Note has been the one role that helped me identify him but I have to admit that his role as Okarin surprised me. Sure, he already did goofy characters such as Death the Kidd from Soul Eater but to properly execute an enjoyably insane asshole who can mourn and be as emotional as Okabe Rintarou, you have to give props to Miyano’s performance. In my opinion, he carried this anime’s success because of how good he is as Okabe.

Next would be the heroines voiced by Mingosu and KanaHana. Aside from Blazblue’s Tsubaki, I have to admit that Imai Asami is still new to me, the reason being that I rarely watch an anime that she takes part in but I do like how cute she voiced Makise Kurisu. There’s something in her voice that brings out the tsundere and moe-ness of our beloved 2channer.

As always, I could easily identify KanaHana’s voice no matter what role she lands on… It’s just that she’s one god awsm seiyuu when it comes to acting. Not that Mayuri stood out the entire season but when the series finally touched Mayuri’s arc, that was when KanaHana shone and it was fucking awsm; To be able to flesh out a character in one episodedespite the little back story during the entire series, I guess that’s Kana Hanazawa for you.

Tomokazu Seki, now this is one pro seiyuu that I hear fro, time to time with his hot, shounen-esque voice, but I never really recognized his voice as Hashida not until I looked up the cast. I have to admit, I was shocked that he’d be able to pull off gluttonous characters like that.

Now for the side characters (also known as Quest Targets). Yu Kobayashi as Rukako sounds… okay. Probably because I got used to her voicing traps that I don’t seem to mind at all. I think Yukarin did an excellent job as Suzuha. Her cheerful personality transforming to her secretive and overly cautious side was very well portrayed imo. Aside form the fact that she played a very important role, as a side character who experienced a far horrifying fate than Mayuri (she committed suicide) during the Beta world line, she did an awsm job in providing the final conflict for this series.

Momoi Haruko as Feyris is so fucking HNNNNNGGGGG! I always look forward to hearing Feyris every time I see those cat ears of hers. Honestly, she’s another seiyuu I just heard thanks to this anime but if ever she takes part in moelicious flirts like Feyris, sign me up! Lastly, for a deadpan character like Moeka, I think Saori Goto just did fine. Well, her emotional screams are eargasm ftw during her arc but I guess that’s everything that a character like Moeka could offer (delishuz bewbs under those tights). I still hate her for killing Mayuri and I think her redemption factor is a bit weak but it’s all fine I guess.

Despite its flaws, I still think that Steins;Gate is an enjoyable, solid series, if not, one of the best that the previous seasons had to offer (considering this started last spring). It has a powerhouse cast, well-made character designs as well as well-thought out characters, and a gripping story with a good dose of humor. If you would like to invest 720 hours of your life (24 eps, 30 mins ea) watching a good anime, I’d recommend Steins;Gate.

Until they air the movie, El Psy Congroo… or whatever that means XD


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  1. cybersteel
    Sep 15, 2011 @ 14:46:31

    Just so you know El Psy Congroo means to harden the mind.
    That said…
    – El Psy Congroo


  2. Kuuki
    Sep 15, 2011 @ 21:19:44

    I’ll rewatch this anime.
    I guess it’s all I have to say.


  3. Tsuki
    Sep 16, 2011 @ 02:48:39

    This was definitely one of the best series that aired this year. That being said, it does have it’s fair share of flaws.

    The characters really did help this series pull through though, especially Okabe and Makise. Daru, Suzuha, and Mayushii were also very important along the way. Feyris and Rukako were kind of… unnecessary? And the only reason Moeka existed was to be a plot device, kind of like Mayushii only less important.

    Anyways, I’m gonna miss this show… until fall season stuff starts airing >:3


  4. Seinime
    Sep 16, 2011 @ 06:25:49

    One of the great shows this season.

    “While it never answered the origins of the Reading Steiner nor any explanation of how they retained their past memories, this was a sufficiently, or rather, a properly executed finale.”
    Probably some speculation on the wiki or MAL or whatnot.


  5. baka~
    Sep 16, 2011 @ 13:04:50


    The next season is quite unforgiving, bombarding us with a ton of (potentially) good shows to watch. It’s not just Fate/Zero and P4, There’s Ben-To, Guilty Crown, Bakuman 2 to name a few.


    I visited S;G’s wikia to check out who Suzuha’s mom is… I never expected Daru to look so badass when he married her… Hope they animate that part in the movie >_<


  6. feal87
    Sep 16, 2011 @ 14:17:52

    Okabe sure is a comedian. When he was talking with the father of Kurisu I was wondering if he was joking or not…:P


  7. baka~
    Sep 17, 2011 @ 01:23:04

    I think him being his usual, asshole self, instilled fear annoyance to Kurisu’s father. Taunting him into attacking Okarin… Just as he planned 😀


  8. Nopy
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 02:33:06

    I loved how well the series was executed, and the voice acting definitely helped put it in the ranks of great anime.


  9. Keiri
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 11:21:47

    What? No mention of Nae even though she’s a loli? Ahaha yeah, I guess she didn’t have enough screen time… XD

    Overall, Steins;Gate – an awesome series and totally worth the time investment. It may have its flaws but for a show that boasts such a complex premise and execution, the writers still did a commendable job in balancing story, characters and interest factor, a feat which seems rarely achieved in Anime script composition nowadays.

    As always, props to you for giving detailed credit to the seiyuu in every round up review you do. Great cast but it’s a shame that around half of them gravitate more towards games than Anime these days. Well, if production companies would adapt more games/visual novels to Anime, perhaps we’ll have the chance to listen to them more often. 😀

    Can’t wait for the movie. Hopefully it’s not a compressed re-telling of the TV series unless they consider explaining the things which were left ambiguous in the Anime.


  10. baka~
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 11:51:44


    a good anime is lead by a well driven plot but what makes it memorable is solid acting XD


    Well… I guess Mayushii’s tuturu~ overshadow’s Nae’s importance in the anime :p

    I think veteran seiyuu venture into the world of voicing games nowadays, leaving rookies to handle anime voicing. In a way, this gives them room to shine.

    Which reminds me, seems like Ai Kayano landed on another lead role this coming season ❤


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