As dreams fall apart

I think I loved how Ringo’s personality was shaped over the course of this anime. Back then, she’s just an adorable stalker who simply wishes to obey the fate diary. Now, she’s simply one unfortunate slut blinded by her ideals.

I’m not saying she sucks as a character because of this but more often than not, we relate ourselves to such individuals. Well, some of us may not go to the extremes as with how Ringo does it but at some point in our lives, there’s always a pivotal event that makes us realize and shifts our ideals. In Ringo’s case, I believe it to be this episode.

While her claims of love with Tabuki is still questionable, I find sincerity in her wish of living again with a complete family. What doesn’t make sense though is how fixated she is with whatever was written in her fate diary. That item has yet to prove to us viewers its authenticity considering how everything written there have been fucked up in so many ways, in so many realities. This leads me to believe that perhaps, she’s using a makeshift, omnipotent item introduced to the viewers as “fate diary” as her escapist means of handling her reality. In truth, there may even be nothing special with that notebook. It may as well be full of written agendas and more of her bullshit.

Speaking of bullshit, I simply can’t let pass Sho’s self-righteous act in this episode.

And I ask this back to you motherfucker! Honestly, this pece of shit spouts self-righteous nonsense without even realizing that they’ve been committing it Kanba. Isn’t it a selfish delusion of the brothers to continue living together with their sister, much like how Ringo wishes for her complete family? Truth is, HIMARI DIED and it was their wish or rather, their will to be enslaved by a hat-goddess penguin entity in order for them to continue living a lie, the very hypocrisy that Sho condemns in this episode. For fuck’s sake, I just can’t stand how he tried to act so self-rightous without noticing him doing the same shit. Who is he to judge others’ way of thinking?

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. feal87
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 00:09:24


    No really just jump on Shoma and be over with it. 😛


  2. baka~
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 00:27:22

    Ringo should get laid or something… well, the diary is destroyed so the question is, What now?


  3. x
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 01:02:43

    This episode annoyed the hell out of me. Specially with Sho and Himari (not the hat, the “real” Himari). What happened to Ringo in this episode is pretty much what I imagined would happen. Kind of disappointing for me, specially at the start when she sneaked into Tabuki’s bed, finding that he is not there. I agree with your assessment on Sho, he is doing the same thing as Ringo. In some ways, he is worst off, since he has even less determination to get what he wants. I’m found most of this episode rather repetitive. The next episode better have something good, if it stays like this, I think I’m really going to drop this 😦 .


  4. x
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 14:25:43

    Grrrr, after watching the next ep, not dropping this after all, but it still annoys me… 😦


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