Well that was… unexpected

Annoying people removes their brainwashing… riiiight… Now on the next issue…

So I was actually expecting some… logical(?) way of resolving this but… Damn… Kotetsu simply said the magic word and it was over. A brainwashing that could fuck people’s lives for years could be overcome by something a person really hates… I don’t know how to react on that.

Well, everything was convenient in this episode: from the defeat of the other heroes, to Saito’s recovery and aid for their final confrontation with H-01 which, coincidentally, featured the same guy who created that cyborg whom Sky High fell in-love with. In a way, it makes sense how everything fell into place but there’s a part of me that’s not convinced with this rapid pace. Maybe they’re getting things ready for some epic confrontation or a conclusive streak for this anime.

What I really liked about this episode however, is how fucking evil the antagonists are. For this highlight, it’s how he challenged the heroes’ bonds among themselves with the threat of the bombs on their collars. I gotta say, that’s devious in so many ways. I guess the true antagonists of this series stands out when compared to the previous antagonists I have encountered in anime during the previous season, save for a handful few (Marquis de Blois anyone?).

Overall, a so~so enjoyable episode. It doesn’t stand out so much due to convenient plot devices but it still makes the ball rolling in favor of this anime, especially the enjoyment factor.


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  1. Kuuki
    Sep 05, 2011 @ 03:40:12

    You really think it was unexpected? I mean, he hasn’t called him Bunny since that whole thing started, not even once. It was obvious that something was up.
    Oh well, at least, now the rest of my predictions have been destroyed, I should be able to enjoy my two last episodes without raging at how predictable it is. I hope.
    (Unless, unless Ouroboros comes to join the fun and kills Maverick. Which would be the logical course of action for them)

    On the other hand I agree with you that something is wrong with the pace. I’d say it’s too slow, I expected Maverick to be defeated by now.


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