You’re in deep shit mister!

You think this is dangerous? wait till you see the spoilers

This chapter reminds me of a game of LoL (or HoN or DoTA). Nobody knows what kind of shit would happen during a clash. In this case, Keima attempts for a double kill but may end up losing everything instead.

He was driven to sacrifice Ayumi’s points in order to boost Chihiro’s with the attempt of clearing things with Ayumi but Chihiro’s sudden confession may just throw everything down the drain? How will Ayumi react? Will she explode and reveal to Chihiro Keima’s lechery? Ah fuck! Next chapter come already!

Will anyone bet this to be an incomplete sentence?


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  1. x
    Aug 31, 2011 @ 00:04:22

    One thing is for certain, Ayumi got to listen to Keima in action with Chihiro. I wonder how this will affect their relationship in the longer term. I don’t think she realizes the full implications of what is happening yet. Though the confession might have changed all that XD

    You might be right about the confession being an incomplete sentence. I just can’t imagine why Chihiro would do something like that with that kind of expression without even opening the door. It’s just Wakaki messing with our train of thought. There are so many questions to ask and I don’t really know where to start.


  2. baka~
    Aug 31, 2011 @ 00:32:33

    But to Wakaki’s credit, he really is good at delivering content like these. Suspense factors coming from simple events and in this case, plain conversations, really makes Kaminomi a unique read. COmpared to other shounen manga which uses vague terminology in order to emphasize a foreboding event. Too bad the anime just can’t follow the manga’s pace.


  3. x
    Aug 31, 2011 @ 00:59:40

    Yeah, Wakaki is good at this. This is why I don’t think that I have any chapter in Kaminomi that I dislike or find boring at all. Unlike most other manga, even some of the most popular ones, where they have arcs that I find myself completely skipping if I ever reread them.

    Someone once mentioned that the trouble with the anime was that it did not always show things from Keima’s point of view enough during a capture. Instead, it show a lot more from the girl’s point of view. I’m not sure I agree with that assessment, but I think you are right in saying that the pacing was weaker in the anime than the manga. I suppose it’s not easy to get that right in an adaptation.


  4. x
    Sep 06, 2011 @ 23:32:20

    156 is out at RH. Turns out that it wasn’t an incomplete sentence at all, and he is in deeper shit than ever before! XD

    I wonder if he has some theory or principles that can be applied to this situation.


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