The destiny that was never your own

A ring of misery

Boy oh boy, talk about serious shit in this episode.

We finally learn that the diary originally belonged to Ringo’s dead sister, Momoka and everything written there has been prophecized FOR HER and NOT for Ringo. Since Ringo usurped her sister’s place as fate’s chosen, no wonder things didn’t go so well.

I also realized in this episode that perhaps, what Ringo is asking for is not for Tabuki’s affection but the renewal of her bonds with her family. For all we know, perhaps, her infatuation of Tabuki either came from the diary (as instructed by it) or an escapist means for her to ease her burden, in this case, realizing that her parents are in conflict with each other similar with how Menma’s parents were (AnoHana).

This episode also proved my suspicion that perhaps, someone is messing up fate. In this case, it’s this sniper chick that is shown to have a penguin in her possession. This means that:

1) They know that Kanba is in possession of an item similar to theirs (Himari’s Penguin Hat)
2) Each of these items messes up people’s fates: Ringo’s Diary fucks up her life, Penguin Hat fucks up the sibling’s lives, memory-erasing slingshot fucks up other people’s lives
3) Masako’s faction didn’t erase Kanba’s memories for a *reason* which could be:
* Penguin-artifact wielders are DIRECTLY UNAFFECTED by others’ fate-altering devices
* They need Kanba to lead them to the Penguindrum or some other scheme
4) Penguins fuck people up. Seriously!

this means she'll suck you up before fucking you down... wait... that sounds wrong

I have to say that after this episode, things simply got interesting. Well, there’s some issues with Ringo on the side but the tidbits of the main story that revealed themselves made this episode juicy. I’m eagerly looking forward to how each of these character’s fates crosses each other.

Quite a small town for Ringo's mother to (probably) know of the Takakuras


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  1. x
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 01:45:32

    This episode resolves most of the questions we have been asking for several episodes. I’m starting to lose interest this anime though. The answers they give just tells me that the questions I asked were the wrong ones (aka I’ve been trolled). Even with the new characters they introduced in the recent episodes, I don’t see the pattern changing. Not enjoying the jokes and antics as much anymore, and the new faction doesn’t seem interesting to me. The story and characters have not been compelling for me so far. I could continue watching this for the beautiful animations I guess, but if it gets too annoying, I’ll probably drop it.


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