One fucked up moron!

This episode is a perfect example of how frustrating it is to have a stupid protagonist

I love Kaburagi Kotetsu, I really do, but I simply can’t stand his stupidity. All in this episode, he just went right into Maverick’s hands. While he did not had his memory altered (which would’ve been the better option considering the turn of events), his fuck ups deliberately gave Maverick every opportunity to fuck him back with a vengeance. As it stands, Kotetsu is now against his former allies and with his power declining, could he even stand a chance? His only hope, or so it seems would lie in Lunatic.

I'm betting Yuri will not suspect Kotetsu immediately as a criminal without hearing his side

But the question is, will Kotetsu’s stubborn pride let him cooperate with his only hope or will he face damnation?

Man, if Kotetsu resigned earlier, he would’ve probably avoided the death flag and have a happy ending with his daughter (which will probably know Kotetsu’s real identity as a hero, next episode).

Lastly, you have to give props to this bastard. From being a stupid prick who killed his “best friends” instead of milking them, I have to agree that his plan this time around was ingenious! Man, if ever I was a capable villain, I’d probably follow the footsteps of this guy. The way he manipulated everyone and was able to put such pressure on one individual IS amazing. So yeah, good one gramps!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kuuki
    Aug 17, 2011 @ 02:39:37

    The plan was indeed ingenious but the scale is a bit too big, changing memories yes, but I’m not too sure how it’ll influe on the feelings of the other heroes.
    Hell, Blue Rose is obviously past the stage of the little crush and Rock Bison and him have been friends for roughly 20 years. It’ll definitely backfire.

    Also and to be honest, about Kotetsu, when I/we watched it the first time we were totally cheering for him. Thinking he had finally understood and each time we were laughing at how Kotetsu he was.
    The second watch however, was much less fun and even I have to admit that he was just too stupid.
    Because I’m pretty sure he still doesn’t suspect Maverick the slightest bit. (Then again, Bunny trusts him, so I guess he had no reason to believe that Maverick wants to do anything bad to Barnaby)
    Still. Kotetsu, would you please get yourself together?
    (Oh, and I kinda think/hope Kaede and Lunatic will team up XD I’m pretty sure Yuri will stand for him too, you know, the sense of justice thing and all ^^)


  2. Tsuki
    Aug 17, 2011 @ 22:29:23

    I feel that Kotetsu is a bit too trusting here, but it’s kind of in Kotetsu’s nature to trust those around him (except Barnaby, of course… =_=)

    I do agree with Kuuki where this all feels too large in scale. There are just far too many potential ways to destroy the memory control, from the hairpin that Kotetsu gave the lightning girl, to the towel he gave to Blue rose. There are tons of little details that Maverick is definitely overlooking.


  3. baka~
    Aug 17, 2011 @ 22:57:22

    Well, I was suspecting that all the good deeds Kotetsu shared to his comrades will come back to save him someday… What better way than to use it to dispel the mind control. Besides, ain’t it weird that Maverick is still able to use his power despite his age while Kotetsu’s is losing his? Basing on this, we can assume that perhaps, Maverick may just be experiencing a similar decline in his power granted unto him by his old age.

    The last thing that I’d probably expect would be a misunderstanding in which Kotetsu’s decline of power is actually a way of granting him a stronger, better one. As if emptying everything he has first before gaining something new =/


    • Kuuki
      Aug 17, 2011 @ 23:43:44

      Power decline may not be related to age at all. It may be caused by something else entirely. Like we don’t know what caused them to appear (yet) we don’t know what causes them to disappear (yet).
      (Unless some NEXT are artificially created and there scientists would probably know how to make them disappear. It would be awfully convenient if someone wanted a Hero to retire for example …)

      As for that power thing, there is a theory going on that this was what happened with Jake and that it explains why he had two powers.


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