Medaka Box ch 104 – 105: The God of GAR is always an underdog

If being a pervert, a lolicon, and a naked apron senpai makes one stand and protect the weak then you have to give props to Kumagawa. Redefined as an anti-hero ever since he joined Kurokami’s gang, the story arcs shed a bit more light on his personality. His otaku-ish and shounen-esque mentality combined with his habit of getting down and dirty makes him an astounding character among the cast of Medaka Box, even surpassing Zenkichi.

When a cute little damsel is in distress, expect Kumagawa to offer his body as a shield. After taking the ailment intended for Takarabe, Kumagawa faces off against Aka Aoki in a battle of tricks. Kumagawa challenges Aoki in the condition that should she lose, she’ll wear nothing but an apron, a reminder to his “prize” should he win Kurokami’s Treasure Hunt. I think Kumagawa would hardly win when all this is over. If he did, the hadaka apron may probably lead to this manga’s cancellation due to… er… adult content?

The progress of the game left Kumaga near defeat where his points are lower than Aoki’s. However, due to the rules she prepared, whoever picks up two jokers in a row would have their points switched, regardless of who picked the pair up. While Kumagawa has been acting like an ass as usual, Aoki assumed her victory when she just realized their gap in points, forgetting her joker ruling. Kumagawa’s pressure made her realize the shit she got herself into.

Because not being called 'senpai' by his cute kouhai hurts his ego more than anything

Concluding the match, we get to see Kumagawa revealing his trickery, reminding the shounen-esque character he portrayed when he gave the candidate student council group a lesson previous chapters ago.

Kumagawa deserves a harem end!!


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  1. x
    Aug 07, 2011 @ 02:01:07

    Sigh, you are tempting me to pick up Medaka Box again… XD


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