Double Booking?

Dalian's expression along with the matching subtitles creates so many perverted scenarios... My apologies but mind can't stop!! X_X Oh and i'll do the pre-emptive strike: SHUT UP QB!! Hand's off Shinku Dalian!!

This is another enjoyable episode but I have to say, this episode felt annoyingly weak plot-wise. Probably because I still haven’t familiarized myself with the fact that Dantalian no Shoka has been running its episodes very late when compared with other anime this season that’s already showing signs of getting down to business.

Featuring a double book for this episode given with no resistance at all, I guess the most important highlight presented is the introduction of Avril Camilla which would probably complete this anime’s Gosick comparison issues (more or less considering we hav eyet to see the antagonists) and I have to say, Camilla is a more competent side character than Avril. For one, she’s able to hold on her own against Dalian, bribing her with sweets and being able to stand her ground against her insults. And Two, she’s not trying hard to win Huey’s affection, or so it seems.

Despite her superiority, I have a feeling that she’ll be doing what Avril does best, in this case, bring the protagonists information about existing Phantom Books based from gossip and superstitious blabber which… won’t really mean a thing… right? Well, yeah, Camilla may take on the role of “quest giver” but the main issue that this anime refuses to tackle so far is “why?”

Another Mamiko Noto filled episode! Yum! XD

It doesn’t look like Huey and Dalian are on a quest to seal all phantom books. If anything, it seems that they are simply trying to handle a situation whenever a Phantom Book runs amok. Besides, I don’t think that all captured books are stored within Dalian (or may probably be). I guess I was honestly expecting a buildup for this episode and not a filler-ish one and in a sense, this annoys me. I may be getting distracted by Dalian’s moe but I still am eager to learn more of the things that the protagonists SHOULD do rather than see them in their daily lives which includes moe and pep talk.

But to the merit of this episode, I guess what they wanted to say here is that not all Phantom Books are evil. Perhaps most of them are scary like the Queen of the Night but unlike the Book of Wisdom which simply turned those kids into bored gods, perhaps, what Dalian has been saying previous episodes ago have been correct all along; That in the end, a Phantom Book is simply a book. It more or less grants whatever the reader wishes for. Take for instance, the mystery novel that Huey has been reading at the start of the episode.

Huey was probably curious of how good the mystery element of the novel is and Dalian, spoiling its contents, pissed him off. Probably not just because she was spoiling him but because he was looking for some mystery and not asking for it. The same way probably applies to the Phantom Books. The kids wished to learn and the book taught them the ways of the world. The burglars wished to obtain the book, falling directly to the carnivorous plant’s trap. Even the previous episode where the golem’s owner wished for it to protect the lineage of the female murderers of his family.

Whatever one desires, you can always find it in a book… well, considering Google wasn’t available at that time… And in a sense, this is probably the reason why I’m still hooked with this anime no matter how mediocre this episode turned out.

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  1. tomphile
    Aug 01, 2011 @ 01:33:49

    ….That was so anti-climactic. The kids didn’t even try to do anything!


  2. x
    Aug 01, 2011 @ 01:53:10

    I agree, this episode was mediocre. I was surprised that they featured double books this week though. What I find refreshing about the anime so far is that none of the characters give me the annoying I’m too stupid act. I guess Huey will be the one who will have to decides if they want to go on a quest. I’m more eager to know what was in Huey’s past, and how it all fits together with his grandfather and such. For the books in this episode, I wish I was one of those kids, contented to live a boring life. Can’t get enough of Dalian’s “yesu”, and the expression with Dalian’s hair… XD


  3. Snippett
    Aug 01, 2011 @ 02:22:13

    The characters never fail to entertain me (especially Dalian’s Yes!), but the plot development is really disappointing. As mentioned by Feal87, this felt like a filler episode. I was expecting great things from Dantalian but all of them are starting to fade away.

    However, I kind liked the theme. At least they have something that illustrates that wisdom isn’t really bad, and that reading a Phantom book won’t necessarily bring terror.


  4. feal87
    Aug 01, 2011 @ 02:38:10

    Boring childrens are boring!


  5. baka~
    Aug 01, 2011 @ 06:23:57

    What I find refreshing about the anime so far is that none of the characters give me the annoying I’m too stupid act

    I think I read from somewhere (Tsuki’s I think) that the characters of Dantalian are quite intelligent and I agree. Well, they do talk about plenty of historical stuff about books making it look like whoever made the show did effort in researching who knows what. Besides, this anime is a refreshing from Gosick where only Victorique is a smartass :p

    As mentioned by Feal87, this felt like a filler episode

    Similar resentments over there. Well, it may be me but I think this is because that we are subconsciously comparing this anime’s progress with other anime for this season. While DnS is still at episode 3, most anime have reached episode 4-5 by now and the development there is great, story-wise. Then again, perhaps the producers decided to go with this half-assed filler in order to introduce Camilla =/


  6. Tsuki
    Aug 02, 2011 @ 13:31:55

    I’m just waiting for a continuous plot. The characters are cool and all, but they’re not very useful if there isn’t a good story going.

    Then again, we are still on episode 3 of this series, which I could still count as the “character introductory” phase. Hopefully the story picks up from here.


  7. Ryo_kun
    Aug 03, 2011 @ 00:44:39

    Dalian’s moeness is the only amusing thing i find in this episode. I like how her hair reacts to food. And thanks to your 1st screenshot, it made me thought of perverted stuffs too XD


  8. x
    Aug 06, 2011 @ 19:55:26

    episode 4 ftw


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