Redefining a “Gamer”

I wasn't originally going to post something about this anime but a certain line that Takenaka says caught my interest

Back in the day, I often played one RPG to another, completing every game for the sake of its story, unlocking whatever it is that I can unlock before I started losing interest. Take for instance, my recent experience with (Parasite Eve) The 3rd Birthday.

Image from wikimedia

The good thing with most single player RPG back then (and some nowadays) is how it immerses the player in an individualistic lifestyle. You are the hero and whatever you do, you save people and they sing praises for it. But you have to admit, once the story is over, most of us would often close down the story, hopping off with another fantasy. Such was the case with The 3rd Birthday. Playing the game on its initial run, I was able to finish it and unlock its subsequent difficulty modes, granting better equipment and achieving the bonus ending.

During the “Hard” and “Hell” (was it Nightmare?) gameplay, I started to lose interest. Sure, the enemies got tougher giving in a new level of excitement but it was still boring for me. They were the same enemies and whatever it is i’m doing, it’s not about the story anymore but for the achievement, especially the “shower scene” (that I can watch over and over in youtube… or somewhere). Like Takenaka’s perception of Maho, I simply got “good” at The 3rd Birthday, got bored, and hopped on to a new game.

But I guess, what Takenaka failed to realize is that whatever challenges Maho encountered before, you can think of it as a single player achievement. Her jump ropes, her hip circles (or whatever it’s called), those things are to be considered as RPG and what Takenaka has been doing is completing the achievements between his “RPG gameplay” with Maho’s, forming the idea that Maho easily gets bored over something once she’s done with it.

In basketball, you’re not playing a humble RPG, you’re hurling yourself into war.

While others might argue, the difference between single player RPG and versus to coop games are worlds apart, more specifically its intended audience. If single player RPG aims to make the player have fun, versus to coop plays aims to challenge a group of people. Failing to understand this would cause misconceptions, in Maho and Takenaka’s case, they’re fighting over something Takenaka assumed without proper basis and he even decided to sever his ties with Maho without even properly talking to her.

Man, honestly, you call yourself a friend?

I guess Takenaka is just a shit-headed sore loser. I have to give him balls for his hard work but he easily gets envious with others. He may have “ace” level potential but his empathy skills suck, compare and contrast with Tomoka’s backstory where she decided to change herself in order to avoid losing the friends she have, redefining what an “ace” truly is.


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  1. x
    Aug 01, 2011 @ 01:27:42

    I love your explanation using single player games. It is an interesting take on how Maho might see things. I guess from Takenaka perspective, he saw Maho as someone he wanted to challenge, but when she changed the rules for him unintentionally (by moving on to something else), he took it personally. His communication skills with girls are horrible as well, making things worst with Maho, but that’s pretty typical I guess. In a way, they are making Takenaka the stereotype guy who can’t seem to empathize with others who are different from him. A contrast with Subaru, who seems to do it with ease. Would be interesting if they ever show what Subaru was like at Takenaka’s age.


  2. fanaddict22
    Aug 01, 2011 @ 13:41:18

    Wonderful post. ^_^


  3. feal87
    Aug 03, 2011 @ 15:21:32

    Nice one here Baka~, but please understand that we’re talking about an elementary school child here.

    ..also you just forgot about one little detail…

    “Elementary schoolers are the best!!!” 😀


  4. baka~
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 02:00:39

    I know that they are children and that’s probably the reason why it pisses me off OTL


  5. x
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 07:11:18

    Heh. As children, they are not too bad. Then again, maybe I had to deal with too many troublesome kids at their age. At least these two fight over stuff directly, instead of backstabbing each other and such.


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