After watching this episode, my gut instinct tells me how Yune may become a prominent factor that would bind the differences between Claude and Alice, coming to an agreement in terms of management and profit that would make the Gallery prosper. If anything, I believe this to be a plot element to be presented later on should Alice’s brother/father turns out to be some antagonist for this series.

Regardless if an antagonist would reveal itself, at least, I have a feeling that Yune might be able to bridge Claude and Alice’s hatred against each other, evident with how this episode ended by having Alice join them for dinner despite her nobility status (and how she keeps on mocking Claude and his sorry state).

More into Alice’s introduction for this episode, it is evident how obsessed she is when it comes to Japanese culture, making her look more of an otaku that exists in her time. If she’d probably exist in this time and age, her personality would most probably resemble Kirino, to a much lesser degree of violence and abuse.

While Claude has been docile when it comes to learning about Yune and anything related to Japan (aside from his occasional stroke of curiosity), we see Alice take an active role in this fandom, practicing Japanese baths and even collecting merchandise that would represent such culture. But why? What makes her tick? What was it that caught her interest in Japanese culture? Even Oscar went there for business but he wasn’t really that much obsessed with what the Japanese had to offer yet Alice stands out so far with her passion for anything related to Japan.

I think that despite her spoiled nature, there is something to learn from Alcie’s behavior, her fandom; what motivates her to engage with such gusto in anything Japanese related. Whatever it is, I do hope this anime would hint on that at least.



I almost failed to notice the cultural importance of baths and how necessary it is for water to be available during the timeline of this series. Historical fact or not, I guess the previous episode mentioning about the “endless” supply of water in Japan had implications considering how the French seem to sparingly use their supply of water.

I really can’t undestand why Alice and her sister looked bewildered upon this statement. Maybe there’s some fact that I failed noticing considering cultural differences in eye colors… Well whatever… I guess.

Yune's older version is Nakocchi from HanaIro?!

Also hinted in the previous episode when Claude bought bacon, the Gallery’s business going downhill stresses a deep wound that occasionally manifests itself when Claude decides to go emo, stressing over his inferiority complex due to his social standing of earning just enough for a living. While the series offsets our attention by serving some delishuz moe, perhaps, this wound will fully take center stage, becoming the climactic plot that would challenge the protagonists of this series.


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  1. Kuuki
    Jul 27, 2011 @ 02:09:42

    The bath is more of a cultural difference than anything else, for a long time the richest people preferred to stink of perfume rather than to take a bath.
    To be honest I only discovered the concept of public baths when I started to get interested in Japan.
    That and the fact most people lived in buildings, especially in Paris, hygiene was pretty dreadful in some parts of the city at the time.


  2. baka~
    Jul 27, 2011 @ 02:46:25

    Does that mean that there were no public bathhouses in Paris unlike what was suggested in the anime?


    • feal87
      Jul 27, 2011 @ 02:53:16

      I think there were public bathhouses at least for the richs. I mean, Italy was full of Thermae like thousands of years ago…:P (obviously not in every city, but Paris for sure would have some…)


    • Kuuki
      Jul 27, 2011 @ 04:33:37

      No, there were, there still are, it’s just that it’s rare and not something widely known about.
      The richs had the space for their individual bathrooms, but even there, baths weren’t as common as they are in Japan.


  3. x
    Jul 27, 2011 @ 03:59:15

    I imagine they at least had individual wash bathhouses, if not shared baths.

    As for the eye colors, I suppose Alice and her sister did not consider their eye color to be anything special since that is “normal” for them. For many East Asians (even today), any color other than black/dark-brown is considered special.

    Despite him saying that he hates Alice’s family, Claude seems to show more signs of being annoyed than signs of hatred when interacting with Alice. Even though they are not being “friendly” with each other, both of them seem really familiar with each other. I wonder if there might be a more personal reason for Claude’s angst.


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