Ikoku Meiro ep 2: Melting down cultural barriers

This anime is simply adorable. Not just the characters and the character designs but the story content itself is cute. Reflecting more of how cultural differences tend to be a pain in the ass, Ikoku Meiro’s second episode simply rehashed what it did in the first at a different angle. It’s basically the same content, the exact moral lesson, with a fluid character progression AND I LOVE IT! Despite being a rerun of the past episode’s content, this simply reminds the audience of how things like cultural barriers cannot be easily torn down.

The character development made things interesting for this episode. Not only did we learn that Oscar is one fail, yet badass womanizer, we also learned how Yune is doing her part in becoming useful to her masters while Claude accustoms himself to his new lifestyle.

From Yune’s perspective, she wants to do what the French does in order serve her masters properly. From Claude’s perspective, he observes and is able to learn new things from Yune’s expressive curiosity and determination.

On my part as a viewer, not only was I impressed by Yune’s resolve to sell her kimono in order to ensure that the business keeps running in good faith, but her willingness to change herself in order to provide a better quality of service really left me speechless. At first, I thought similarly like Claude. That the reason why she’s forcing herself is so that she could fit it. When Yune revealed her intentions, I never noticed how serious she really is in her craft. She came there for business: to learn how others work and to be able to work alongside them. This isn’t just about doing what the French does, it’s about treading the path of a professional worker. For such a young age, this is one dangerously mature loli.

If anything, I think Ikoku Meiro is another good reference following HanaIro’s business mindset appeal to the viewers plus the difficulty of a cultural barrier – character development. Both are equally good anime that teaches us the same thing, seen from different angles, different perspectives.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tomphile
    Jul 18, 2011 @ 02:41:31

    Oooh, Oscaru-chan is too cute


  2. x
    Jul 18, 2011 @ 08:30:02

    Sigh, this is slated as a 12 episode anime. So far, they have been taking their own sweet time with this. Not much has changed in episode 3 either. Hoping they can extend the season or have a second season :p


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