Steins Gate ep 14: Moe amidst the despair

After seeing how this episode killed off Mayuri multiple times, I was honestly disgusted. How could they?! Mayuri didn’t deserve to die like that in all occasions!

But truth be told, it added more depth to what Kyouma’s experiencing. His sinking in despair backed up with Mamoru Miyano’s superb voice acting exacted the feeling of his regret in pushing everything that lead to Mayuri’s death; from the experiments which he admitted to be a game and something out of his curiosity, to adding Moeka as a lab member, everything piled up and became the regret that haunted him.

No matter how many times he leaped, he carried all of it with him, accumulating, becoming his burden to bear.

Makise proved herself why she’s the best supporting character in this anime. No offense to Mayuri being childhood friend and all but Makise’s moe moments in cheering Okarin up definitely felt HNNNGGGGGG.

If anything, I think the only thing that Mayuri’s death contributed to would be the improvement of Makise x Okarin relationship.

Finally, Suzuha revealing herself to be John Titor along with her divergence and stuff as well as hinting on how she met with a future Okarin that created that… wachamaccalit device to determine which world line a time traveler is in, left a trail of questions.

First would be her purpose. Why did she leap back in time? How was she acquainted with the future Okarin, what was that Okarin’s purpose? At certain moments, she’s antagonistic against Kurisu but what does Suzuha actually know about her? Oh and not to forget, FB, SERN, does it make a difference? What are these factions’ respective goals? where does Okarin’s discovery fit in the equation?

Again, another great episode that leaves viewers wanting more.


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  1. Tsuki
    Jul 07, 2011 @ 00:54:51

    I wonder how Okarin will manage to get the time divergence to go beyond 1% (whatever that means o_o; )

    It’s great to finally see the problem being attacked in a rational manner, as opposed to the blind brute force method that Okarin was using. It allows for the plot to push forward, and not to mention we get Makise involved in matters. Having a level headed partner is great in this situation, especially because it’s Makise.

    “I was the one to make the time leap machine da~ze~!” Lol


    • feal87
      Jul 12, 2011 @ 00:27:54

      Only a couple of days before the new episode, I really feel something bad is going to happen to someone else in the team.

      But as long as Mayuri is fine, I don’t care…:P


      • baka~
        Jul 12, 2011 @ 05:52:28

        Mayuri gets killed at every opportunity! Wait, did you make her your mahou shoujo that’s way she regenerates as fast as Sayaka? EVIL BASTAAAAARD!!!

      • feal87
        Jul 12, 2011 @ 06:28:45

        While I would really appreciate both Mayuri and Kurisu as Mahou Shoujo I…don’t remember why they didn’t accept…
        I feel something is wrong with my memories…:O

  2. tsurugiarashix
    Jul 07, 2011 @ 12:17:59

    The relationship building between Okabe and Kurisu comes into play later when Okabe is “forced” to choose something. It is all very nice, since I didn’t reading much foreshadowing visual novel wise.

    Thing I am interested in, since I haven’t gotten far in the novel is Suzuha’s origins (beyond being John Titor).


  3. baka~
    Jul 07, 2011 @ 22:32:34


    well, compare and contrast with Homura which was moved by her emotions all throughout her desire to save Madoka, having Makise around did make things more reasonable for Okarin. This may sound cheesy but it’s during times like these when emotions gets the best of us that we can find comfort and rationality in a friend.


    Suzuha has been very random for the past episodes. While I am lead to believe that she’s considering how her actions would affect the world line, most of the stuff that she does simply felt out of place. For instance, arriving late to save the gang, cooperating with Okabe despite the “threat” that Makise poses, even revealing how she met with Okabe’s future self and seemed to assist her during her earlier time travelling.

    I guess the frustrating thing with Suzuha is that she holds all the answers yet keeps it a secret… it is reasonable but still frustration =/


  4. tomphile
    Jul 08, 2011 @ 12:05:28

    Kurisu was full of win this episode. There’s nothing more to it. 😀

    Okabe’s got some major changes to carry out if he wants to cross that 1% divergence number.


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