Steins Gate ep 13 : Raison d’etre

Because twin tails turns me on (is so moe)

So the reason why Suzuha left was to start the 42 inch TV in order for Okabe to escape. He does so in the attempts of saving Mayuri yet ends up failing every time. WHAT. THE. FUCK?! This anime is quite sadistic for killing sweet Mayuri like that THRICE! MOTHERFUCKERS!!! BASTARDS!!! MOEKA HOW COULD YOU?! (Though it was technically Nao who killed her on the third).

So what does this mean? That Mayuri was destined to die and no amount of time travel would save her? Well, Homura did experience the same thing.

What’s interesting to note now is how Okabe would keep himself going. Will he follow Homura’s footsteps (Madoka Magica) in sinking to despair as he saves his childhood friend? Will he be able to save Mayuri with the help of his Reading Steiner?

And what’s with this kid and his train? Is this a hint or something? Much like the Butterfly Effect, if Okabe did something to this kid, will it make everything better?


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  1. Tsuki
    Jul 07, 2011 @ 00:51:26

    Hehe, I do think the kid is just there to emphasize how he’s constantly been traveling back in time, each time with roughly the same events unfolding. That, and it gives White Fox an excuse to reuse animation without being too noticable 😛

    As for the actual stuff in the episode, at this point it seems there is something similar to the notion of “fate” involved, where certain events will happen in some way, shape or form, even if the nature of the cause to the event is fundamentally different.

    It’s a pretty crazy idea, and does make you wonder how Okarin will go about rescuing her where Mayuri is essentially sentanced to die.


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