Kaminomi ep 11: The power to believe in the ideal

*plays final fantasy victory fanfare*

If you thought that Nagase’s resolution would come along the lines of toning things down and trying to understand others then you guessed wrong… But I think she did learn her lesson this time and we can assume that she’ll be more perceptive from now on… But going back…

Taking an opposite yet similar path with Shiori’s resolution, Keima reminded us again of two important things: to believe in ourselves, and to believe in our ideals.

Shiori’s route back in season 1 tackles the anxieties and challenges the will of the silent bookworm. Nagase’s arc is a bit opposite in that she’s very much outgoing and that she reaches out easily to others but their similarity lies in that when they are both subject to pressure wherein their beliefs and security are threatened by others, they easily break.

The core resemblance of their respective resolutions is that in Shiori’s arc, she learns to voice out her opinion no matter how scary the situation may be. In Nagase’s, she learns to push through her ideals no matter how much the real world blocks her path. And I think, the anime adaptation has made me appreciate this kind of resolution better.

Recalling back, I honestly hated Jun’s resolution since it sounded so plain, so half-assed, and the way Keima worded it just felt really meh. But after watching this episode and how the flashbacks and emotions contribute to what Nagase is feeling, I came to understand how fitting her resolution came to be. For a teacher to guide others, she must first believe in herself and trust her ideals. She may get into conflict with others but that’s how things go in life. But still, it’s not enough reason to give up. After all, how can you show the path if you start betraying yourself?

Overall I think this was a decent wrap-up for the Scrapped Teacher arc. If there’s any gripe with this episode, it would be omitting this detail from the manga.

Yep, she heard all of it. She didn’t just notice Keima manning up and coming to Jun’s aid, she also saw how he debriefed Elsie. No worries though, if my guess is right, as long as she’s wearing that thing, she’s involved in all of this… More than we could ever imagine.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tomphile
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 21:58:03

    LOL, you have NOOOO idea about Nikaido. I take it that you haven’t read past this arc in the manga – if you have, then you’ll see there’s much more to her than meets the eye. I was surprised too. 😛


  2. tsurugiarashix
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 22:05:10

    “…we need ideal endings” = best line ever.
    I loved this arc in general and probably one that spoke the most in volumes to me personally. And as tom said, Nikaido is far more important, lol.

    Btw: didn’t notice you add me to your blogroll. Thanks. I will do the same…


  3. baka~
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 00:18:54

    @tom & tsurugi

    I have been reading Kaminomi ever since and yes, she’s more involved in all of this… more than the viewers can ever imagine… still, it’s quite a long stretch before they animate the current arc of pure epicness


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