Kaminomi ep 10: Drowning delusions

Invoking the wrath of god

Continuing with Nagase’s route, Keima finally snaps after she subjects the one thing he’s passionate about with such bias.

(I am) currently treading on dangerous ground here considering how close Nagase’s issue is with her resolution and I think this is one thing that should not be spoiled considering how unexpected the closure for the arc is. And with that, this week’s kaminomi post comes to a short close… orz

No, seriously. I spent hours thinking how I’d discuss Nagase’s interesting issue without spoiling anything and I can’t seem to get a clue considering this episode is just a re-enforcement of last episode. Everything would make sense once Keima ties up the events that unfolded in ep 10 with next week’s closure.

p.s. despite this episode serving as build-up, they did impress me again by being consistent with their dramatic approach from the heroine side. This time, concerning Jun approaching the boy that Kodama bashed, detailing in full her conversation and the transition of how she snapped when they refuse to accept her ideals.


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