HanaIro ep 11: The bitter taste of defeat

Ohana has always been an appealing character. Her determination and dedication for Kissuiso is worthy of admiration but for some reason, this episode reminds me of why she should be hated as the primary protagonist of this anime.

I think it’s understandable that for protagonists to appeal to the viewers, they not just need to be admired but also despised. Even the greatest protagonists have something that pisses the viewers. Mostly related, but not limited to their attitudes, the hate factor poses as a reality check of sorts, verifying the character’s authenticity, the very core that appeals to us viewers.

In this episode, we see Ohana enter the fray without her usual pillar of support , in this case, her friends from Kissuiso, and we see her get her ass handed back to her; Not by her mother, not by Kou, but by her own indecisiveness. Again, this isn’t a bad thing but you have to agree that at some point, Ohana’s indecision pissed people off.

It seems as Ohana likes to play the blame game. Whether she blames her mother for leaving her on the air, the glasses girl who stole Kou, or her indecision, Ohana’s habit of putting others first before her own interests, while it may have been a noble cause when it comes to Kissuiso, is shown to backfire when her interests are concerned. As seen in this episode, she loses sight of everything.

Her intentions of conducting business was overruled by her hatred for her mother. That hatred wandered further, being distracted when she found out Kou’s relationship with the glasses girl, leaving her all messed up.

You have yet much to learn, young skywalker

Perhaps, if she only followed her grandmother’s wisdom, things would’ve turned for the better. Then again, episodic falls like this are not bad. Not only did this replenish my faith in Ohana as a protagonist but I also learned something from this episode. From the professional aspect of things and how emotions, most often than not, are bound to interfere with our work.


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  1. tomphile
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 15:03:05

    Yeah, this episode just showed how much Ohana needs to grow. It’s clear that she’s quite immature at the moment as she lets her stubbornness and emotions get in the way of a lot of the things that she’s trying to do.


  2. Keiri
    Jun 15, 2011 @ 20:55:59

    Frankly, I found myself really annoyed with Ohana’s attitude in this episode but that’s a very good thing in itself. Excellent emphasis placed on the downside of her personality there. I guess it has become somewhat of a norm for protagonists to be more balanced nowadays. While they may have character traits which make them likeable and admirable individuals first and foremost, they’re also portrayed with weaknesses which they have to learn to overcome in order to grow and become a better person. Ohana is a great example of this.

    That aside, if there’s one thing I like which came out of Ohana’s chaotic state of mind, it’s the fact that she’s pretty honest yet calm when it comes to her feelings as well as jealousy towards that girl Ko was with. Compared to Ko’s childish tantrum and tactlessness in trying to get his point across, I like how Ohana sincerely approached the subject without blowing her head off like Ko almost did when Ohana was with Tohru (although there could be several ways of interpreting Ohana’s “It’s rude to not give a proper answer” reaction). As for the worrying thing… What are the odds of Tohru having enthusiastically volunteered to bring Ohana back (and Minko tagging along partly because of her own feelings for him)? Oh man, it seems they’re really trying hard to steer towards the Tohru x Ohana direction now that Ohana has been left in an uncertain state with Ko. Who knows what will happen if Tohru spouts a line like “I-… I mean, we came after you because we were worried about you!” D:


  3. Tsuki
    Jun 15, 2011 @ 21:03:10

    Well, having a flawed main protagonist also means there is a lot of room for growth. Ohana certainly has a lot of room to grow more mature and stronger, and the events ongoing here could only help her grow up in the long term. Tough experiences in life generally do that 😛

    I don’t really see the issue here being purely Ohana’s anger at her mother, but more that she is reacting to what seems like a huge betrayal on her mother’s part. I guess it’s more 1 part anger 1 part hurt reaction on Ohana’s part, though this may just be me overthinking things.

    Her emotional crutch for support, Ko-chan, kind of disappeared in it’s time of need as well, which means Ohana is actually on her own for once. Kind of convenient that Minko and Tohru showed up there eh?


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