Steins;Gate ep 10: And the truth begins to open up


Now I never expected that asking your mom to eat vegetables would permanently gender bend you to a girl… HOW COOL IS THAT!!

Now that RUka is trap no more, I was wondering why they didn’t even went to overdrive and gave lots of cosplay fanservice. It’s Ruka dammit! she should’ve been wearing all those costumes that Mayushii has… or did the disappearance of moe in Akiba took care of Mayushii’s cosplay gear?

Hinting of the origins of Okabe’s Reading Steiner which seem to be 10 years ago, in their timeline, isn’t that also the same time that a certain person donated the IBN at Ruka’s shrine? Or probably, there must’ve been an event that triggered this and activated his ability such as, as theorized previously, Okabe messaging someone back in time that awakened his powers?

What I also liked in this episode is how Okabe suddenly dropped the above line. For some odd reason, honest characters who admit that they are doing a lot of bullshit in order to gain friends is something admirable. Well, unlike Haruhi’s forceful attitude of a slave driver, I’m finding Okabe’s attitude of forcing people to join his group to be forgivable.

He may be at the center of everything but I'm relieved his members doesn't just go and suck his cock just because he has the Reading Steiner

Sure, the gang follows Okabe’s bullshit through and through but the anime makes sure that he isn’t some overpowered Haruhi by making the characters lively enough to foil his plans. Unlike Koizomi, Mikuru, and Nagato who goes on and licks Haruhi’s foot upon her whim, we have Makise, Daru, and Mayushii who would even go and contradict Okarin. Not only does this elevate the mood, distracting the viewers from the gravity of the situation, but also creates a balanced atmosphere where we can actually enjoy the antics without people/the characters themselves getting hurt.

We also get to see the enemy, probably SERN, revealing themselves especially after sending Okabe a message that made him paranoid. This leaves me wondering though, after Okabe changed the past, did that guy disappear or was he able to retain his memories, probably an individual also having the Reading Steiner?

And we finally get to see the reason why Suzuha was in that timeline. The question now is how she travels back… Does she have her own version of D-mail? Does she physically travel back in time without turning in jelo? Is Titor really her father?

For some reason, I can’t help but wonder where the link is between Daru and Suzuha. I simply suspected that since Daru didn’t show up, Suzuha wasn’t able to meet her father… Could this mean that Daru IS Titor? If he is, how come he doesn’t know anything about time travel and its mechanics?


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  1. tsurugiarashix
    Jun 12, 2011 @ 11:31:26

    I find the vegetable thing hard to believe and still rather suggest it was because he moved the world lines for the option to happen. The whole friendship was also a surprise (since I don’t think I covered that going through the VN). Overall, I find Okabe as a likeable character, despite being a tad eccentric.

    From what I played of the VN all I have to say is: The best is yet to come ^^


  2. feal87
    Jun 12, 2011 @ 15:52:22

    My only words here are “tuturu~” 😀


  3. baka~
    Jun 12, 2011 @ 17:07:41


    did they release an english patch for this? =/


    man, this episode had its moments but yeah, I was laughing hard… there were no sexual references but there’s Okarin’s sexual harassment that really made this episode enjoyable… and not to mention, how he’s acting paranoid after the enemy seem to have revealed themselves.


  4. tomphile
    Jun 12, 2011 @ 21:47:53

    How could I not have commented on this yet? I thought I did – must have been a world line shift. o3o

    Oh, and ANYTHING for science. Even sexual harassment. Yeah, totally justified. >:)


  5. Tsuki
    Jun 12, 2011 @ 23:15:36


    There are a lot of people that don’t believe the vegetables themselves caused the gender change. It’s more likely a result of the “butterfly effect”, where her eating vegetables may have changed small things that resulted in the huge change.

    For example, someone out there mentioned how maybe her ovulation period changed, resulting in the mother having intercourse at a different time or place. That may effect which sperm reached the egg, and obviously this time the one with an X chromosome reached the egg instead.

    Heck, you could even go as far as saying that the mom was shopping longer for those vegetables, and resulted in her having intercourse at a different time. Anything small could have changed the result, which is the general idea the butterfly effect supports.


    • tsurugiarashix
      Jun 13, 2011 @ 03:45:52

      That is very likely, although not to say the vegetables were not somewhat of a factor for it to happen. I was just thinking a minor change lead it into happen like the world lines being shifted from things occurring at another time or place, but I see where you are coming from as well. It is a very sound explanation.


  6. Keiri
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 01:52:35

    For a pretty serious story, Steins Gate is oddly but definitely getting better and better in the comedy department. The hilarity in this episode takes the cake and I must agree, the chemistry between all of the characters just feels so naturally right! The assistant was especially formidable in this episode. 🙂

    Now on to the usual speculations…

    And we finally get to see the reason why Suzuha was in that timeline. The question now is how she travels back… Does she have her own version of D-mail? Does she physically travel back in time without turning in jelo?

    I’m pretty sure many others have the same speculation with regards to that missing machine which used to be stuck on the side of the building it supposedly crashed into back in Episode 1. Coincidentally, the scene focused on the cavity where the machine was almost immediately after Okarin ended his search for Suzuha who bade her farewells… Hmm… I guess it’s safe to put two and two together? Anyway, something else intrigues me more if that machine did turn out to be a time machine used by Suzuha – She left town after the meeting event with her father (whether she was successful in meeting him or not). Would she use it for a reason as simple as seeing her father? I wonder what she wanted to accomplish during that event. Her leaving after that could have suggested her failure/success in carrying out something important which might not be necessarily related to her family. A part of an organization’s mission perhaps?


  7. baka~
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 06:01:10


    never thought that the satellite could be the time travel device that Suzuha used but if it was, why didn’t SERN retrieve it? Also, if Okarin changed and made the world lines move again, will that thing still be present on top of that building?

    But perhaps, Okarin’s meddling with time would again have its consequences. Maybe this time, Suzuha stays but SERN acquires the time machine… or so =/


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