Gosick ep 21: All in the day’s work

Seriously, this scene was d'awwww

I shouldn’t have thought that the Academy was on their side. Anyways, I never expected for Jupiter Roget to collaborate a crime with the king. If anything, this makes it clear that Albert wants to expose this crime, not only bringing down Jupiter but gaining the favor of the one who would ascend the throne.

When it came to villainy, despite not revealing himself to a full extent, I guess Jupiter is as crafty and devious as Albert. It’s actually cool to have a such intimidating villain face off with another of his kind. In the end, it seems that Cordelia and Victorique’s faction are simply caught up in the middle of these two megalomaniacs.

Now that Coco’s case is over, along with the cliche revelation or, riding to the plot, hint that Coco survived, what happens now? Kujou holds hands with Victorique and…

... Cordelia indulges herself in a threesome?

I wish!… But instead, we’ll be having a…

I should be happy with the surprise loli buttsecks but aren't we forgetting the tension?

christmas episode?

Lemme check a bit… Yep, my MAL says this anime will run for 24 episodes… will the great wind or whatever blow up its way for the remaining 3 episodes before the series ends coz I’m certainly not feeling it, the tension that should be plaguing this series as it nears its finale


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tsuki
    Jun 12, 2011 @ 07:23:40

    With only a few episodes until the end, I’m seriously wondering if Bones will be able to conclude the arc properly, or if we’ll just get an open ended finale, and leave the series without closure.

    If they do the “open ended” route, I guess that’s Bones’ way of saying “Go buy the original novels!” =__=


  2. baka~
    Jun 12, 2011 @ 10:39:58

    If they do the “open ended” route, I guess that’s Bones’ way of saying “Go buy the original novels!” =__=

    hope they don’t go with this. i’m not saying that gosick is a bad anime coming from a crappy novel but won’t it be a waste of efforts in having to run this show for 24 episodes yet still remain inconclusive? it’ll become one major troll imo… orz


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