Gosick ep 20: Little baby squirrel

I bet this is Albert in disguise

While this episode merits Kujou’s moment to shine (FINALLY) this still left questions concerning each character’s intentions.

For instance, I recreated the scenario regarding the power balance between the King, the Ministry, and the Academy in the hopes of finding out what Marquis’ true intentions are. Now correct me if i’m wrong but I suspect the king to be the real culprit behind all this. The only question left is how Albert or Jupiter would benefit from this confession? Assuming Victorique does solve the murder, the way I see it, either Albert uses the information to overthrow the king or uses it as leverage against Jupiter in that he blackmails the king into framing up Jupiter, getting rid of him and the academy in the process.

Similarly, I think Jupiter, Brian, and Cordelia are also attempting the same thing. Learn the truth behind the king and use it as leverage against the Marquis… Talk about breathing at each other’s throats.

Why can't you be this cool since episode 1?!

But still, things won’t add up. The information that Victorique acquired about Jupiter Roget in the box of memories, Brian and Cordelia’s involvement in all of this, I have yet to see how everything would fit in a grand scale.

They say that magic is a form of science unexplained... Gig's up I guess


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  1. Tsuki
    Jun 09, 2011 @ 20:59:38

    As of now it still is very ambiguous as to what in the world is going on in the larger picture, with very rather vague hints at what is actually going on. I do like your idea that this is all a large power struggle between factions of the government, but what this does make me wonder is how the “great wind” is involved here.

    At this point, it’s pretty obvious that World War II is probably NOT the “great wind” in the prophecy, but it certainly could still have some sort of relationship with WWII. Perhaps Albert de Blois is trying to do another “Queen Berry incident”, where all of the ongoing events here is some sort of fortune telling method to predict WWII’s outcome.

    Well, that’s just my random speculation on the situation. The “great wind” itself could be a red herring meant to throw off the audience, so who knows ヽ(´ー`)┌


  2. baka~
    Jun 09, 2011 @ 22:37:08

    unless the great wind is a fart of sorts (apologies for the lame joke… orz) but now that you mentioned it, I have been neglecting to notice the significance of this great wind. with how Victorique bashed the ministry’s use of “science”, this makes me wonder if this great wind has strong ties with invention/innovation or simply a prophetical phenomenon =/

    but I guess unless VIctorique solves Coco Rose’s case, we have yet to see a hint on this great wind.


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