Medaka Box ch. 96: The Weakest Link

Kumagawa Misogi may be the most pitiful excuse for a human being but he’s so badass when he’s serious

Following the revelation that all 5 candidates are actually a part of Not Equals, the gang just went off and decided to pay Kumagawa a visit, thinking that he’s probably the weakest among Medaka’s group considering his status as a minus…

While they did manage to ambush him and have him undergo hell, it’s Kumagawa after all. He shrugs the incident off like another day at the office and proceeded, surprisingly, to exercise his rights as Vice President.

Now I don’t know if Medaka’s gang already suspected that all 5 candidates are members of the Not Equals but I think this incident is a strong enough proof of their status as such. The only question worth asking at this point is whether or not Medaka would still continue her selection despite these facts. I’m finding it impossible to turn them over to their side but Kurokami must’ve had some plan up her sleeve.

Seeing how they fail at Kumagawa Misogi, will these five find another target to among Medaka’s group? Supposedly, Zenkichi should’ve been the weakest but since he gained Parasite Eyes, I think it’ll be easy for him to read their intentions… That leaves us with either Akune or Kikaijima.


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