AnoHana ep 7: Obstacles along the way

While Menma’s true wish is still vague, the important condition of that wish is something that Jinta must not know and I don’t think that that wish would be the rocket containing a message to God, since seeing as how it was in the flashbacks, Jinta was involved in that activity. Whatever Menma was planning, it would probably be something new that’s meant for Jinta to enjoy. The irony of course would be Menma wanting to give Jinta a surprise of sorts yet forgetting what it was.

On the bright side, I’m quite surprised how everyone was getting along, more or less, with each other. I never expected Yukiatsu to show up when they decided to plan for the fireworks and even lent them a hand. I guess it just shows how much pride that guy has and he doesn’t give a fuck how much he failed cross-dressing as Menma.

I easily forget that despite your hobbies, true friends would always be there to support you though in Yukiatsu and Jinta’s case, as rivals, it’s nice that they still respect each other.

Following suit, I really love Anaru’s transformation for the past few episodes. Less interaction with those bitch friends of hers meant being more of her true self and she’s more radiant this way that it’s kinda cute… more than Menma’s usual cuteness. Sounding cheesy as it may be, I guess this episode teaches us how true friends would put our hearts at ease. With these people at your side, there’s no discrimination, there’s nothing to fear by just being yourself… I guess, realizing this had some impact on me considering how much of a facade I had to put up within the workplace.

Lastly, I never thought that the wound that Menma’s mom had runs deep. That’s to be expected I guess. Jinta and the gang lost a friend while she lost her beloved daughter. I can’t bring myself to blame her for hindering Jinta’s plans considering how they didn’t visit Menma after all those times. I guess if they wanted to push through with their plans, they first have to heal her heart and I think this is no easy task.

But practically speaking, I really like how she interfered with them. If anything, I seriously do not approve of that rocket agenda considering how much they should pay for it. Besides, I don’t think that’s what Menma would wish for considering how they read the first few pages of her diary… I was expecting that they’d go to the date before her death but that doesn’t seem to be the case. If anything, I’m supposing Menma’s mom tore that last page out for them to not learn what Menma’s true wishes are.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. feal87
    May 29, 2011 @ 15:53:21

    Menma turning on the lights was wonderful…*_*
    Anyway we’ll see soon enough, only 4 episodes left…


  2. abscissa
    May 30, 2011 @ 06:55:07

    I’m still curious how Menma exactly died and whether her friends know the details about it.

    Anjou’s transformation is indeed nice. Hopefully Jinta will notice about it and fully replace Menma in his heart .<!


  3. baka~
    May 30, 2011 @ 21:08:00

    Well, from the flashbacks, we can assume that Menma fell off her path as she ran after Jinta but it could be something else =/


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