Denpa Onna ep 6 & 7: Life’s lessons from an abnormal life

I can’t believe I neglected to watch Denpa Onna last week! FUCK!!

Anyways, episode 6 sheds more light on Ryuuko’s character. I personally like Ryuuko’s antics. She’s bubbly and always gung-ho but in this episode, we get to see more of her non-loner personality and for some reason, it annoys me. I guess being a loner, I have accepted the fact that non-loners are my sworn enemy, as bullshit as it may sound, and this episode reminded me why.

For one, I never liked her analogy of Niwa being a commodity (candy). That just felt wicked coming from her. Two, she’s the type to suffocate in solitude.

Being alone brings out her true colors causing her to re-evaluate a person’s worth, as with how she thought of Niwa as such.

Three, she tries hard to stand out because she fears living a normal life and four…

she grabs people’s attention but can easily run away when confronted with issues she do not want. In her defense, she may just be acting this way because she’s experiencing love and honestly, I would prefer if her mentality is caused by this (jealousy), but I have a feeling that this is how Ryuuko truly is.

But if there’s anything that I liked about her, it would be at episode 7 when she boldly declares that while she may neve rbe on Erio’s side, she can be Niwa’s ally… followed by her realization and screaming which I really cute. It may be a simple line but for a non-loner like her to have the resolve to go against society (other non-loners), this is definitely something big. I sincerely hope she gets to accomplish this without turning tail.

Going on with the episode, I also liked grandma’s advice to Niwa. I guess this also serves as a reminder that he can’t be GAR all the time even though the answer that he should take is the obvious, shounen-esque manner.

I think in this aspect, Niwa has retained his sense of maturity among the cast. It’s probably easy to say that he’ll stick with Erio but what about his friends? What about his feelings if he does get shunned? I guess this proves how realistically admirable Niwa is.

For some reason, I can’t help but be reminded of Meme-san as grandma talks bout idiots. For some reason, I’m lead to believe that she and grandma are close and probably, grandma helped Meme-san decide when she was pregnant back then with Erio. I guess that scene above depicts Meme-san indirectly. She may be goofy and a shameless flirt, an idiot, so to speak, but I believe she decided to live a happy life by raising Erio as a single mom.

Why look serious?

I have not much to say at Erio save for commending her for her initiative in talking with Ryuuko. There’s nothing special in her offering Ryuuko a change of clothes but for someone like her who’s having one hell of a hard time re-integrating back in society, this is one major step.

Lastly, I’m quite indiffirent with Maekawa. I’m seeing her taking more of a friend role rather than a love rival. Her advice with Niwa as well as her blunt answer to Niwa’s question of what she thinks of Erio falls under the neutral category of things.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. feal87
    May 29, 2011 @ 00:37:02

    Oh, the image loading on this blog is getting slower and slower every day that passes…change hoster! :E


  2. baka~
    May 29, 2011 @ 01:36:02

    hmm maybe is having issues =/


  3. abscissa
    May 30, 2011 @ 06:59:08

    I like to see Maekawa’s cool attitude on episode 7.

    I haven’t seen the latest episode yet, but I believe Ryuuko likes Makoto, and she’s doing those childish acts because she’s jealous with Erio–which is kind of weird for me because Erio and Makoto are cousins. But from what I know, Japan allows marriage between cousins….


  4. baka~
    May 30, 2011 @ 21:09:03

    Well, I like Ryuuko for being jealous and all but I really dislike how she treated Niwa (analogy of the candy) but I hope that as she grows more affectionate for him, she begins to treat him differently.


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