C ep 7: The weak are those who fight with their all

I never expected a back story content following after Kou’s defeat since last episode but this felt kinda important considering the foreboding feeling as the episode ends.

The first came from Mikuni’s narrative: where he began and why he joined the deals as well as his motivation for creating the guild. I honestly never expected for Mikuni to have such protagonist material in him. If C would be compared to Star Wars: A New Hope, then Mikuni’s life story may even dat as far as Phantom Menace. Not that i’m seeing him to be the villain, despite his battle with Kimimaro in the op animation, since he has yet to do something more antagonistic. So far, all his philosophies have sat well with me and revealing his back story in this episode justified his ideology.

On another side, we get to see Kimimaro’s life story in the eyes of Msyu. With all her observations in terms of understanding her entre, it’s obvious how Msyu has been developing feelings for him which I honestly find cute.

Still, this makes me wonder how the entre and asset are related to each other. Everything about Kimimaro’s inquiry in this episode pointing to the origins of an asset has been an eluded issue when it comes to this game’s mechanics.

So far, we have learned of -flations and other significant content regarding deals but anything related to assets is quite a mystery. I would’ve liked it if he paid the information broker instead but I guess it’s not just Kimimaro’s methods. Moreover, I liked how they keep a sense of professionalism (at least) in the “workplace” shown when Kimimaro still decided to join the first enemy he fought on a table.

For me, it gives off a warm feeling. No hard feelings as they say but with people fighting with their futures on the line, I really liked how some of them could still retain a sense camaraderie.

Lastly, Kimimaro’s suspicion near the end left a grim premonition. With Mikuni heading out as if he’s going to kick someone’s ass, I have a feeling that the three buildings that disappeared were his. I don’t like to think about him losing considering how their guild has seized control of the majority of the district but there’s something fishy happening with the district at that moment making it that they are directly affecting reality.

If this happened and the Starling Guild is meant to prevent it, then something must’ve happened with the guild, disabling them to reduce the effects of the district on reality. Hope I’m just over-thinking things.


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