Kaminomi Omake Series: Season 1

I hoped they animated this as the OP of the anime since it kinda fits with S1's OP - The World God Only Knows

I would’ve liked it if they were able to animate all of the omake content even as filler scenes slapped in random episodes of the anime but seeing as none of my hopes came to pass, let’s leave it at that.

The pages below are after-story content of each girl that Keima has captured, containing Tamaki Wakaki’s character design and theme. The omake content themselves gives a proper closure to each girl as they are read after every two arcs containing the improvement with their personality and, somewhat, a lingering familiarity with Keima.

Both of these scenarios have taken anime adaptations except for Ayumi wearing her spiked shoes

I think she also called Keima Otamegii at one point in season 1

Her issue with the coins make sense though

I guess she got used to having Keima as her personal slave

Mio may not have changed that much after her capture but she’s working towards it… if she can get past her “high and mighty” attitude though.

She's still freakingly scary with that stun gun

I think this is the reason why Citron disbanded... good thing they didn't animate this

Shiori 4 was animated back in season 1

As seen in the omake, each girl still has their issues to deal with but it is evident how they are trying to overcome their respective obstacles with their own strength or rather, the consequence of handling such an issue doesn’t lead to much trouble as compared when they were possessed by a loose spirit.

Also, this may feel a bit spoilerish but for those who have yet to read the manga, try comparing the 4th After-Story of each heroine with each other, the one where they became familiar with Keima (or anything related with their encounter with him). There’s a subtle difference in the level of familiarity with each of the girls and I believe that this will play a major role later on.


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