HanaIro ep 8: Because we mean business

Not only did this episode impart some business philosophy but this fleshes out pressure in the workplace. When the boss is away, who takes command? I was actually happy to see Enishi take initiative, thinking that he finally began to take action and responsibility after what happened a few episodes back but was immediately disappointed when he began talking with Takako, begging for her help. It’s not that I hate her engrish ( I find it annoyingly awsm btw) but it’s her personality that fucks up the workplace and it really is a shame for Enishi to depend on her without even using and surpassing his own managerial capabilities. It’s a bad impression for him to succeed the business while constantly relying on that bitch for help. It’d make Sui-obaachan look bad knowing that she wasn’t able to raise a good successor in which…

I’m seeing Ohana to succeed this business fairly well. Unlike the incompetent Enishi, Ohana is very much capable and responsible enough to do work and address the needs of the customers. She may lack the managerial skills but the fact that she reminded everyone of the quality of their service is a good sign of her dedication to her work and devotion to Sui-obaachan’s teachings.

She may be the worst grandmother but she’s definitely the best manager. I guess it’s a common trade-off especially seen in local soap drama here in my country but what makes Sui-obaachan stand out is her excellent character development. She’s not just causing a fit because she’s intended to be the villain, she causes a fit because she wants people to understand the value of their work and if being a professional meant to cut off one’s ties with family in order to continue providing quality service then I guess she’d do so.

Finally, as much as I admired Ohana’s resolve, I just can see how she triggered every death flag in this episode when it comes to relationships. Not only did she steal Minchi’s chance to impress Tohru but I get a feeling that Kou will be seeing her riding on Tohru’s bike, hugging him tightly as they speed off back at Kissuiso… I just hope i’m wrong though since I seriously prefer Ohana x Kou pairing instead of that annoying prick.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nopy
    May 26, 2011 @ 11:13:58

    Oh, I did not think of that last part at all. It would be horrible (relationship-wise) if Ko saw Ohana riding back with Tohru, but it would make for some great drama.


  2. baka~
    May 26, 2011 @ 23:01:01

    Well, I am seeing the squared relationship issues between Ohana, Ko, Tohru, and Minchi but I seriously don’t want the anime to revolve just on this. If anything, the business mindset is good enough spice for this slice-of-life anime 😀


  3. Tsuki
    May 27, 2011 @ 00:13:55

    “I get a feeling that Kou will be seeing her riding on Tohru’s bike, hugging him tightly as they speed off back at Kissuiso”

    Haha, totally didn’t think of that. And yea, that would really remind me of some situations in asian dramas 😛

    I do wonder if they’re going to have Tohru like Ohana, because the age difference would make it slightly creepy. =_=;


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