Gosick ep 18: What a bummer!

After the revelation of this episode, I’m beginning to wonder how much of a threat Gray Wolves really are. Sure they have such intellect that enables them to utilize technology but why is it a big issue for Jupiter Roget to be a Gray Wolf in disguise leading the Academy? If anything, this issue has been bugging me.

I guess the least of my worries is some grand revelation where some prominent historical figure is a member of the Gray Wolves

If all Gray Wolves are a threat, how did they become one in the first place? Was there even a prophecy that influenced the current government to fear them? Was there some event in history that was orchestrated by Gray Wolves leading them to be shunned, feared, hated by the world? It’s alright if there are racist elements but I want to know from what this stems on.

I can only assume that the Academy is winning its popularity contest against the Occult

Nonetheless, despite Kujou not shining (again) in this episode, the entire time, I was at the edge of my seat. It’s thrilling to think how much riot would’ve happened in that room where both the Ministry, Academy, and Victorique and Kujou gathered.

If push comes to shove, I was wondering how would Kujou defend Victorique. At that moment where the lights were sabotaged and Victorique began crying, I feared she might’ve been stabbed which turned out to be quite a bummer to see Kujou’s sorry ass on her (shame on him!).

Seems that they knew his circumstance

There are some inconsistencies in the episode though. If the Knight and the Orphan are members of the Academy and the Scarecrow and Woodcutter of the Occult, then I can assume that the guy who sabotaged the train (turning the lights off) and the one who put poison in Orphan’s glass must’ve been with the Occult. So chances of battle would’ve been 3 Occult members vs 2 Academy. I was wondering why the 3rd Occult member didn’t even come to steal the box just after Victorique acquired it and solved the riddle. Pushing back, why that guy didn’t come to kill Orphan and Knight just when shit broke loose.

Good thing there's no DNA testing during that time 😀 (Victorique did leave the Umbilical Cord right?)

Despite its inconsistencies and “meh” revelations, this episode has been quite enjoyable. The next episode looks like some filler of sorts but I hope they drop some delishuz revelation there, probably the history of the Gray Wolves and the world.

offtopic: Was Nazuka Kaori voicing Orphan?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. feal87
    May 21, 2011 @ 23:00:15

    I am quite curious of how the story will progress, at this point I can’t really image an ending for the series…:|


  2. baka~
    May 21, 2011 @ 23:47:41

    They all get involved in world war 2? Man, even I have trouble guessing what their intentions are. How the ministry and academy and the gray wolves would play their respective roles as factions that seem to move the world of Gosick


  3. Tsuki
    May 22, 2011 @ 22:48:08

    Well, from the info in the series so far, we know that the “gray wolves” have some sort of special abilities called the “fountain of wisdom, piecing together the fragments of chaos”, which is either a figure of speech, or an actual ability unique to the gray wolves. It’s probably similar to the latter, where gray wolves have a keen sense of intellect and problem-deduction.

    My guess is that the gray wolves may be needed to try and predict how the future great wind (aka WWII) will go about. Albert De Blois is a huge enigma though, so it could be something very different from expected.

    Is it just a power struggle between the Occult and Science ministries? Is the Occult ministry trying to detain the growing power and influence of the Science ministry? What is the “trump card” that Victorique holds against both of the factions here?

    Too many questions, too little answers x_x


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