Koe de Oshigoto! ep 2: The journey of adolescence

Running for two episodes now, this OVA has been delivering the quality and content for my entertainment. First, it’s a unique anime that features the hardships of seiyuu. Since I am a seiyuu fan, it’s no surprise I would immediately get hooked with this anime. Second, it’s actually amusing having to watch the escapades of a young eroge seiyuu aspirant as she struggles with her work, both physically and mentally. I guess featuring an anime JUST about a seiyuu’s life won’t catch a ton of audience so why not add in sexual preferences and fetishes to the mix to boost sales?

But amidst the craziness that may tickle one’s libido, Koe de Oshigoto!, with how I look at it, is a sweet anime venturing on an innocent girl’s coming-of-age romance. Teens experiencing such emotions as they mature are no rarity in anime but what makes Koe de Oshigoto’s version quite unique is how Kanna distinguishes these raw emotions from her work and from her personal life.

Her naivety as she ventures into the unknown does not only serve as the blunt of jokes but also a journey of self-discovery. For a girl her age, it’s actually brave of her to ask things that other people won’t dare talk about out in the open such as “What does semen taste like?” or ,taking a scene from episode one, “Will ‘it’ actually fit inside?”.

Of course, not limiting her line of thought into things on a higher level of sex, I guess what made me love this episode the most was her realization of how even the simplest of gestures such as ‘hugging’ can exact a lot of emotions from her. Perhaps, I may be exaggerating things but I never thought that there can be such a deep meaning from a simple ‘hug’ between opposite sexes. I mean, anime would often feature protagonists hugging their lead heroines but they would usually do this at the climax of the story. In this episode, there was no confession, no grand emotion that came between Kanna and Motoki aside from classmates yet, after they hugged, Kana felt something.

Perhaps, the earlier motivation from her friends, assuming that Motoki may have feelings for her, planted the emotion that have yet to bloom from Kanna and that hug was the catalyst. Heh I guess a frail maiden’s heart can really lead to amusing discoveries.


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