Gosick ep 17: No sense of urgency

let me begin this episode with a rant…


Sure it may not be deadly poison but what kind of knight in shining armor would leave his damsel in distress to such obvious harm?! FUCK!! I want to bang my head on the desk for this sheer stupidity. I don’t know if this was intended by the author, the animators, or just Kujou’s personality but someone needs to die for this senseless act! FUCK!! And don’t think that Kujou redeemed himself by saying some GAR line as the episode ends, Kujou is still full of bullshit!! It’s frustrating how he always makes the wrong decisions, putting others to harm!

I never knew that my speculation last episode would hit its mark, with Albert revealing how it was beneficial for him to have Kujou hang around Victorique in order for her skills to sharpen. He still didn’t reveal for what intentions he is to use her but I think this has to do with the ring that Cordellia left behind as well as the “Box of Memories”. Also, for a villain, I find it surprising for him to leave Kujou be. Well, he did explain that he’s so powerful that it’s no use trying to hide but anime proved time and time again that villains who let their enemies escape gets their butts kicked when the season ends. I can’t say much about Cordellia leaving the ring and asking Kujou to relay her message. On one aspect, she is a strong mom who sees it as a means of protecting her daughter (if by chance they both got caught because of their reunion, it could probably be game over) while in the other, I see it as her way of simply ignoring her like that. I would’ve liked it if she wore a sad expression as she remembered her daughter but I digress.

Lastly, as with this post’s title, this anime has no sense of urgency. As mentioned above, Albert let Kujou escape and Kujou left Victorique amidst that chemical-induced gas. Didn’t it occur to Kujou that the very people who took Vicotorique away was simply around the corner waiting for their turn to steal Victorique back? Seeing that this may yet again cause my veins to erupt, let’s leave this as is and instead focus back on a more sensible matter, more specifically, the feud between the Academy, Ministry of the Occult and the Gray Wolves. It’s fairly obvious that these three are at each other’s throats and as seen from this episode, everyone have a pawn of their own on the chessboard but I don’t know who is affiliated with which? For instance, the spy that was killed during that magic trick. Victorique comments on how his hand smells of oil so I assume that he’s with the academy. Does that mean that he’s also looking for the “Box of Memories”? Likewise, that suspicious priest who committed the murder, I could bet they came from the Ministry of the Occult but seeing that they have explainable tricks behind their magic, could it be a front of the Academy to deceive the viewers? For all we know, The Ministry of the Occult could be one and the same! But I digress. It’s too early to speculate on these things especially when the leader of the Academy has yet to make his reappearance.

For now, I’ll just indulge myself in the thought of murdering Kujou!!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ryo_kun
    May 15, 2011 @ 00:00:06

    LOL, i’d say the part where Kujou told Victorique to wait within the mist of gas was the author’s fault. It was probably not like that in the light novel, but illustrated wrongly in the anime. I’ll try to research more on that part. But if I found out it was Kujou’s fault, FUCK him, like you said. XD

    However, I couldn’t forgive the part where Albert let Kujou walk off like that. He seriously could have killed Kujou. A very stupid act indeed.


  2. baka~
    May 15, 2011 @ 00:30:00

    I haven’t read the light novels so it would be awesome if you or anyone can share what happened during this scene but I think, like with most adaptations, the animation screws up what they are trying to convey to the viewers making the emotion different from when you read the scene with what you have watched.

    And yes, for a series villain, Albert kinda felt lame. I was hoping for something more of a hideous act against Kujou and Victorique but ended up getting disappointed… orz


  3. Tsuki
    May 15, 2011 @ 03:30:04

    I was just assuming that Albert let Kujo get away because Kujo was practically doing a favor for the man. I mean, Kujo was honing Victorique’s skills, which Albert seems to highly desire. As to why he wants to hone her skills, we don’t quite know yet.

    Albert also seems to come off as one of those arrogantly proud type of guys that scoffs at the idea that Kujo could become a problem at all. I bet Albert thinks he can just take Victorique back whenever he wants, and Kujo won’t be able to do anything.


  4. baka~
    May 15, 2011 @ 23:12:39

    That seems to be the case when it comes to Albert’s ego as well as his position of power but I think that at this point, the real reason why he let Kujou go would be so that Victorique can decipher the mystery of the ring that Cordellia left. I could think of that as the finality of his schemes. Well, I guess without her knight, Victorique won’t just do as she’s told


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