AnoHana ep 5: The weight of their feelings

I never thought I’d say this but Yukiatsu was awsm! He may not look good being a cross-dresser but this episode redeemed him a bit in my eyes. For one, I never thought that aside from Jinta, Yukiatsu would live his life blaming himself for Menma’s death.

At first I thought this didn’t make sense but I came to understand that if Menma was hot on Jinta’s trail, should the accident occur, Jinta would’ve been there to save her but Yukiatsu delayed that by giving her a confession and Menma, being her idiotic self, decided to turn that confession down and run after Jinta.

After the events of this episode, I came to realize that perhaps, Yukiatsu may not even be as bad as he’s being portrayed. In the event of Menma’s accident, instead of putting the blame on Jinta, he instead decided to take up within himself, realizing that it was his fault that she died. Logically, wouldn’t it be more reasonable to hate a person even more knowing that not only he stole the one you love but he also caused her death? I guess this shows that despite their rivalry, Yukiatsu still did treat Jinta with respect. He may be hurting beyond closed doors but unlike Jinta who refused to move on, he had it to himself to bear the weight of his farce. He moved forward while dragging along such a burden, coping up with the hurt by lying to everyone, reminding himself of his crime. He was hurting yet he still moved on. He may be “rotten to the core” as Tsuruko puts it but his bravery and devotion of embracing his crimes is still worthy of admiration.

This is why I love protagonists with brains rather than those with brawn

I think if we have to blame someone, it would be Menma. There may be nothing wrong with her attitude but it’s because of her kindness that created this havoc. Anjou and Tsuruko envies her while Jinta and Yukiatsu fights for her. Not to be seen negatively, if anything, Menma is like Hirasawa Yui of K-On! where Ritsu may have formed the band but without Yui, the strongest link, the band won’t have so much enjoyable memories. Likewise, Jinta may have created the Peace Busters but ever since their strongest link, Menma, died, everything went in shambles.

Man, it’s already the 5th episode and this series have yet to disappoint me.


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  1. meltedpoo
    May 16, 2011 @ 22:20:54

    The whole focus on Yukiatsu didn’t do much to make me like him again. I guess when I first started the series I was pretty much waiting for some Yukiatsu badass-ness but he disappointed me A LOT after the cross-dressing incident. I suppose it was sad for him but I really can’t love him like I used to.
    I don’t dislike him as much as I did when I watched episode 4, though.


  2. baka~
    May 16, 2011 @ 22:46:46

    Well, I think it depends on how you perceive the guy which kinda makes me curious. Originally, I’m seeing Yukiatsu as some annoying douche who just can’t get over Menma choosing Jinta but after this episode, he fared better in my eyes. If you’re willing to share, what do you expect him to be anyways?


    • meltedpoo
      May 18, 2011 @ 10:28:59

      Well…you know how animes always has this cool guy in the background? The guy who always seems to be hotter and better than the protagonist but can’t seem to end up in the spotlight. Well, I have a thing for underrated guys like that and I was kind of expecting Yukiatsu to be one, too. To be fair, though, I watched AnoHana without any idea of what I’m getting into so that’s partly my fault, too.


      • baka~
        May 18, 2011 @ 22:51:43

        Good point there. Well, Yukiatsu doesn’t seem to stand out so much, even in the flashbacks when they were kids. He’s more of an underdog when it comes to his rivalry with Jinta and I think this didn’t change, not even after he got found out with his hobby. If anything, the mere fact that Menma chose to appear before Jinta is proof enough of how underrated he still is. Not to mention, he still has issues of inferiority against Jinta as he cannot let go of his hatred and their rivalry.

  3. abscissa
    May 19, 2011 @ 09:24:30

    Seeing Yukiatsu cries is very heartwarming. Seeing him cross-dressing doesn’t bother me, I think he’s brave to do that. I don’t think Yukiatsu already moved on, I think what he’s cold personality is just his defense mechanism based from this episode I felt like his more sensitive than Jinta.


  4. baka~
    May 19, 2011 @ 20:28:27

    I guess it’s a common trend/behavior for people with inferiority complex to act all high and mighty. Take Suigintou of Rozen Maiden for instance.


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