AnoHana ep 4: The greatest love, the deepest wounds, the fondest memories

For some reason, despite finding him annoying, I admire Yukiatsu for his devotion for Menma. Well, I find it weird in so many angles how he keeps memories of her alive by becoming like her but to each his own way of coping up I guess. Then again, this may also be the manifestation of Yukiatsu’s inferiority complex where, upon reaching the limits of his frustration when Menma chose Jinta over him or rather, whenever he remembers the moments when he lost to Jinta, he goes to cross-dress mode. Perhaps, overcoming Yukiatsu’s hurt will be the greatest hurdle before Menma can finally find her wish and move on.

I also find it surprising for Tsuruko to side with Jinta. I guess her feelings for Yukiatsu won’t push through him unless he finally lets go of his jealousy as well as his feelings for Menma. Objectively speaking, I think Tsuruko is one crafty bitch 😀 Not to be seen negatively but I love it when someone spices things up with schemes and whatnot. But perhaps, despite the apathetic aura that she’s been giving off since the past episodes, she may truly be hoping to get everyone along for their reunion. She may not be doing it for Menma but I think her constant use of “how nostalgic” is a hint of how she misses the good old days but we’ll see. Now that she exploited Yukiatsu’s antics, the next episode might turn out to be interesting.

Lastly, I feel sorry for Anjou. Well, I guess it really is hard to cope up with unrequited love but we all know she’s trying. Similar to Yukiatsu’s cross-dressing, we may even see Anjou’s way of hanging out with those bitches as her escape mechanism. Joining with others and having a great time with them in order to forget isn’t a bad thing but I personally think that she looks cuter and kinder when she hangs out with her true friends.


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  1. Ryo_kun
    May 08, 2011 @ 20:22:46

    I’ve thought about Yukiatsu being obsessed with Menma, seeing as he was sniffing a cloth of some sort few episodes back, with the color similar to Menma’s one piece, but I never though he’ll go as far as to dress like her.

    However, it didn’t ruin the show for me and I believe everyone among them have their own escape mechanism for Menma’s death. Love the suspense this show is giving us each week. xD


  2. baka~
    May 08, 2011 @ 22:05:17


    quite true. it’s of human nature to run aware from the hurt and I guess, except for the phenomenon known as Menma’s ghost, this anime has been fairly realistic in conveying such themes of coping and growing up.


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