C ep 4: Controlling possibilities with money

What can I say, this episode surpassed my expectations. During the first part, I was mumbling “Oh Shit!” as I learn of the situation of Kimimaro’s teacher. I was expecting the guy to lose but after finding out for whom he was fighting for, I felt sick.

It was a tragedy for him and his family to lose but I never expected that the very things he invested would be taken away which would be his kids!

Goddamn! Just wow! It seems that whatever purchases made via Midas Money, once the entre goes bankrupt, vanishes as well and that includes the children which he funded.

Talk about tragedy here! I would’ve accepted it if he died, leaving away his family but for him to live on, knowing that the time he spent with his family, knowing that he even had a family, would only linger in his memories for all eternity is just too cruel!

It’s a nice thing though that he’s a kind man who didn’t blame others for his failure. Though, his kindness makes me feel more sorry for his loss.

Note: From this, I assume that people who lose and become bankrupt would go back to their original state, experiencing a reset in their lives where they will live the life just before Kyubey Masakaki contracted them.

After witnessing the deeper explanation of Mikuni’s battles, I came to understand the title of this anime – “C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control” and offering a personal explanation to it: I suppose that since this anime sees money as the soul that drives society that can be used to produce both good and evil, the main premise of this anime is how the protagonist can balance out money’s good and evil effects in their reality. From this perspective, winning and losing deals are out of the question. It’s more of preserving the flow of money in order to have everyone just have enough.

On a simpler note, I am seeing Mikuni as an individual who desire to prevent needless losses and unnecessary gains by having the strength to control how the deals will end. As shown in his battle, it was obvious, theatrically speaking, who lost. Mikuni did manage to cut the old fool in half after all. But in reality, neither of them won and neither lost. They are still wealthy individuals known in their society.

Oddly, recalling Naruto’s conversation with Pain in which he promises to end the chain of hatred in the ninja world without even having a concrete proof, I am seeing this anime as a more solid possibility of that ideal. We get to see shounen characters saying “I’ll end it all” or “count on me” without even having a clear goal in mind yet this episode specifically provided that. This episode not only showed a loss or a negative effect of losing money but this also showed a concrete method on how to save it which makes sense. I mean, Mikuni showed the strength needed to control anything. What proof do we need to believe in his ideals? Much like how Miyanaga Saki manages to have a 0 win 0 loss record in the mahjong anime: Saki, only the strong can pull such feats where they would neither win nor lose in the battlefield.

Hmm… coming to think of it, perhaps, the reason why Mikuni is interested in Kimimaro is because he sees him as a successor to his ideals :s


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. @fkeroge
    May 12, 2011 @ 00:13:17

    Somehow, I’m disappointed that the teacher didn’t get more sympathy from the viewers than he should have. Having your kids killed is one thing, but having them erased from existence is another.


  2. baka~
    May 12, 2011 @ 22:29:12

    I guess that the teacher served his purpose, that being of a grim reminder of what one has to pay for joining such a game


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