Kaminomi ep 4: Man oh man

chapter 26 pinup

Tackling chapters 25 and 26 of the manga, this episode is… meh… Bordering between disappointment and being apathetic, I really don’t know what to expect anymore. I think this episode was too cheesy on its dramatic take and the limited comedic scenes didn’t even tickle.

Notice how Keima DIED in this panel

Notice how Elsee was hit by Haqua's scythe

I think the main reason why I am unsatisfied with Haqua’s anime arc was because they omitted this scene which I already ranted last episode.

This may be a small scene but this is very much substantial in that this shows how rapidly Haqua’s relationship will be progressing with Keima. This will be important in her after-arc story (chapters below) and in the future arcs. Seeing how inconsistent the anime was, I’ll be spoiling Haqua’s after-arc since the next episode will focus on the next capture.

Taking place just after Haqua’s arc where Haqua drops by Elsee and Keima’s house to help her make her report using clay models (from hell) where she instructs them to re-enact what and when certain events happened within the campus. This is the result of that…

This is actually one of the reasons why I love Haqua x Keima pairing. For one, she’s a prideful demon who acknowledges Keima’s strength. Two, she’s a more capable demon than Elsee (not that I hate Elsee but Keima needs someone to rely on… STRONGLY… from time to time). Three, her growing emotions for Keima gets better as the story progress. Unlike Elsee who doesn’t really show signs of falling in-love with Keima, Haqua will grow to be one of the leading lady contender as the story progresses. Well, it’s too much early to count sheep but with Haqua sticking around, it’ll be a matter of time before she gets more character development. Hopefully by then, the anime would try to do a faithful adaptation (And here I thought they’ll be consistent after Kusunoki’s faithful adaptation)… Damn I misjudged.


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  1. Tsuki
    May 09, 2011 @ 11:05:14

    You know, after seeing the manga pages you put up, it’s so much easier to see the differences between the anime and the manga. I can see a lot of the humor and silliness in some of the manga pages virtually nonexistent here. Pacing wise, I think the anime might still be having a bit of issues here and there in comparison to the manga. Well, hopefully Manglobe could pull through with this series somehow ヽ(´ー`)┌


  2. baka~
    May 09, 2011 @ 13:33:50

    I missed commenting on your site Tsuki! is the captcha still down?

    anyways, I doubt Manglobe will be able to pull through with this considering the pattern they did since the last season. Perhaps, if Kaminomi is prepared with a different direction, to the likes of faithfully following the manga, then I think the viewers can experience the true humour and wit of Kaminomi but as of now… Well, this manga fan will do some anime bashing 😀


    • Tsuki
      May 09, 2011 @ 20:30:34

      I actually added a temporary fix to the commenting on the site. Depending on what browser you are on, you can make the fix permanent. Emory tech is still taking too long to fix it =_=;

      And it seems like manga fans almost always end up bashing on an anime adaptation if it isn’t faithful. Kaminomi is faithful to the material in many ways, but there’s just something off that just removes the fun that the manga had. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s a shame the anime is so bleh in comparison to the manga.


      • baka~
        May 09, 2011 @ 22:24:40

        true to the content so far, the anime has been faithful but when it comes to the enjoyment and humour, the anime is failing badly. well, one assumption that I had that caused the anime to be so ‘bleh’ is because of the art style. the character designs look mature when compared to the manga but I digress.

  3. Keiri
    May 14, 2011 @ 00:33:40

    To share a little from this viewer who doesn’t read the source, I actually thought the entire exchange between Keima + Elsee and Haqua was quite all right. It did feel a little too melodramatic at times but I found myself oddly liking it, particularly when Haqua poured out her feelings of frustration. It tugged my heartstrings so I guess it was effective in that sense (but yeah, I’m a sap to begin with :p). Then again if I were to think from the manga reader’s point of view, I find it totally understandable why it was disappointing to watch after comparing it with the original. Feel and atmosphere are just as important as the story with regards to a faithful adaptation after all. It reminded me of why I was dissatisfied with how Railgun’s Poltergiest arc was portrayed, especially the heartfelt exchange between Mikoto and Saten in the hospital. While that scene was touching and significant in terms of character development, I didn’t like that they compromised the feel of Mikoto’s character in the original just so they could deliberately set up that scene to fish emotions from the viewers. It felt contrived on all sorts of levels if you’re familiar with the characters in the original.

    Neways, thanks for sharing the aftermath of Haqua’s arc. It’s a shame we never got to see any of these in the Anime itself. Or…have they been shown before in Season 1 when it came to past captures?


  4. baka~
    May 14, 2011 @ 01:59:42

    I guess we share the same dilemma as it lies between the anime’s faithful adaptation and lack of emotion, in your case, the issue of Index/Railgun and mine with Kaminomi. On one side, having a faithful adaptation is good, on the other, they made the characters less believable when compared from the first time we read about them, the very emotion that was exacted from us as the characters revealed themselves through those lines of text and steady images. Well, such constraints are understandable but for fans like us, this will forever be our issue 😀

    I’m planning on doing a manga recap for Kaminomi containing the omake and verifying if some of the scenes got animated. Iirc, Ayumi’s ending was a convenient merge of the original content and omake as well as Kanon’s but i’ll probably post that review after Chihiro’s arc =/


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