C ep 3: Because there are some things money can’t buy…

Because some things are worth dying for

Seeing things from a different angle, I guess this anime is a vivid representation of humanity’s every day with money. Some people, like the guy who died in the first episode, waste their money for their vices. In this episode, we learned the fate of Kimimaro’s father and how he stood for his family even at the bitter end.

Though, even if I admired his noble intentions of saving up crazily in order to provide for his family, I guess that his way of committing suicide never stuck well with me. If anything, I perceive that as his way of running away from all his problems. On the other hand, it may be for reasons that he doesn’t want his family to be involved in his debt. Whatever the case, I still find it wrong for him to have ended that way but well, at least he showed that he genuinely cared for his son, even if photos would oftentimes not speak for itself.

While I do like Mikuni’s conversation with Kimimaro on how he convinces him that money isn’t all that bad, with how this system works in general, in a way, the battles are meant to steal other people’s wealth and futures in order to support one’s own family. In the end, it’s still about one’s selfish desires.

I won’t say that this is wrong, heck, I am no ally of justice to even preach how bad this sounds but for some reason, I don’t want Kimimaro to fight without realizing the risks of everything that he would be doing. Seeing that he seem to be familiar with his next opponent, maybe this lesson would sink in to him next episode. If anything, should Kimimaro win and the guy goes bankrupt, can we assume that him committing suicide would make Kimimaro’s resolve waver?


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  1. Kuuki
    May 01, 2011 @ 20:38:58

    I thought a lot about that suicide thing (actually that anime makes me think a bit too much) and I came up with a theory.
    Kimimaro’s father went bankrupt, and we know they use the people’s future as some sort of guarantee. So thinking like that, if you’re bankrupt you have no future anymore and it could mean death. So maybe that suicide wasn’t one.
    (or he was running away from the consequences)

    As for that speech from Kimimaro, I found it interesting because what he’s doing is applying an economic theory to real life, I’m really curious as to how Kimimaro will react to that later.

    Also, as a side note totally unrelated, that episode made me cry. I think this season is horrible ^^


  2. baka~
    May 02, 2011 @ 06:38:32

    if you’re bankrupt you have no future anymore and it could mean death

    Well, I was lead to believe that it was suicide since, recalling back in episode 1, that old man decided to run off an incoming train. Then again, he may have been forced to commit suicide but I guess, these matters wil be addressed by the next episode and if anything, it seems that Kimimaro’s acquaintance will be used as an example (should Kimimaro win)

    Also, as a side note totally unrelated, that episode made me cry. I think this season is horrible ^^

    I think that a lot of anime for this season have begun to strongly affect the viewers. If an anime is good enough to exact such an emotion then that could only mean that the anime was that good


  3. Kuuki
    May 02, 2011 @ 21:21:50

    Yup, we’ll probably know one day or another.
    Two suicides start to be a lot but it could still be a coincidence, if more happen it definitely won’t be anymore.
    And it would seem the two worlds overlap so it is likely.


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