Qwaser ep 3: Quite unexpected

I never thought that the adepts were this capable considering how they got their asses kicked (more or less) back in season 1 or perhaps, this is because of Wan Chen’s cunning?

The biggest spoiler for this episode would be the ability of the Magdalena of Thunder and how Sasha was unable to beat the adepts in securing it. This makes me curious though, with regard to its ability to control any electronic information at will. Does this literally mean that anyone who possess the Magdalena of Thunder would be able to control human beings? Electrical information is processed by the brain after all. Or is this ability only limited to elemental circuits which was shown when Wan Chen seemingly absorbed Jita’s ability to use carbon and was even able to manipulate other elements. Whatever the case was, the fact that Wan Chen withdrew when Katja came could mean that in it’s half-awake state, the Magdalena of Thunder can only be used at a limited time.

On another note, I feel quite sorry for Jita. it seems that she has not improved since last season which kinda sucks since I was expecting her to have leveled up her game. Her fight with Sasha was amazing though and this episode verifies how much of a yuri maniac she is… orz

Seeing as how fast-paced things are progressing, i’m betting they’ll be on a rush the next episode to save Tsubasa and since they have Katja on their side, I’m hoping they’ll use their heads to use her expertise in manipulating copper to hack into the school’s system.

I am quite pleased with this season’s Qwaser so far. Well, there are unnecessary fanservice coming from Satsuki in this episode (which ends in her being raeped every time) but I believe that it is reasonable for her to avenge Miyuki considering her flashback last episode. Well, I guess that’s what minor characters should do anyways. Since Katja IS there, I guess Hana will be having a rival… or so.


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