Oreimo ep 14: Ruri

Because this is what awsm males make their girlfriends do??

While I am compelled to rage at the result of the game contest (Best Shitty Award my foot!!), I’d like to focus this post in realizing what makes Ruri appeals to me most among all the characters of Oreimo (and it’s not just the Kana Hanazawa mind you).

Kuroneko has been quite an elusive character of this series, showing only glimpses of how she lives her life from the main 12 episodes but from what have developed so far on the true route, it is suffice to say that the three episodes that I have seen so far is worthy enough of rivaling the 12 whole episodes where we mostly explored Kirino’s life.

A female Gen Urobuchi?!

The one thing that probably captivates me with Ruri’s personality is her sense of pride and humility. I find it rare for characters in anime/manga to have these two prevalent features and there’s only a handful of them who live such content lives.

Not that being content with what you have or living in solitude is a bad thing but oftentimes, media presents such individuals to be of the nostalgic/depressing/suicidal kind. Going back to Ruri’s case, from the main season of Oreimo, we learned that she respects Kirino and at the same time, sees her as a rival. Even though Kirino would always get the best off her when it comes to the privileges in life (Kirino has Kyousuke and her novel sells), Ruri would always get back up, time and time again, despite its futility, in order to prove her wrong.

She may not be as talented or as lucky as Kirino but she sure knows how to stick her guns

And this makes her more real, more authentic, as an individual. She’s humane in a sense that she admits her weaknesses, her frustrations and shortcomings yet despite this, she stands back up and pushes herself harder to overcome all expectations and obstacles. The one thing that surprised me in this episode though was how she asked Sena’s help in helping her complete the game. I know that Ruri is humble but to this extent?

With the absence of Kirino, I am seeing Sena to be Ruri’s substitute for her rival and for her to beg a rival to help her finish the job is one thing that I didn’t honestly expect considering Ruri’s prideful personality. On a better light of things, since Sena is a lesser form of evil than Kirino’s, I have to say that I am pleased with her positive response. While I do see Kirino helping her not before she adds salt to Ruri’s wounds, Sena simply decided to get along and overcome their differences. Even now, I kept on wondering how a negative person (Ruri) was able to exact a positive response from Sena. Not that I belittle Ruri’s capacity of socializing with others but it’s a mystery that should be made set as an example for people to even understand each other and overcome their differences… Well, of course, there’s also the script of this episode to blame for but I digress.


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  1. Keiri
    May 03, 2011 @ 15:59:13

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching this episode thanks to Ruri’s usual witty antics but also the noticeable growth in her character. She’s brilliant enough in the Kirino-centric stories in how she flaunts that pride of hers with such dexterous humor but it’s equally awesome to see her balance it with such humility when the situation calls for it. I really like proud individuals who possess the sensibility to admit their weaknesses and bow their heads to others instead of carrying on in denial and making themselves look like idiots until the problem spirals out of control. I guess Ruri being an older sister figure as well as having the type of relationship she has with Kirino gave her the prudence and maturity to know when to own up about her own shortcomings and give in to others while maintaining her dignity at the same time. Now that’s classy.

    Besides that, while Kirino might have indirectly taught Ruri how to look at things differently, I have a feeling Ruri’s relationship with Sena may be slightly “healthier” for her in a way, even if the dynamics between them is clearly dissimilar from her relationship with Kirino. Sena seems to be more honest and straightforward than Kirino in the way she sets aside the differences between her and Ruri, and more importantly, she shows that she respects Ruri’s individuality without putting on a tsun front. It’s probably a tad too early to assume things but perhaps Sena (and of course, Kyousuke) will play a key role in helping Ruri make herself more socially accessible to her peers.

    On an unrelated note, my brain had a bloody hard time keeping itself together after hearing Kana say “onanie” and Mariya squeal “anal f***”. Eh well, maybe I shouldn’t be that surprised given that both of them are known as perverts off screen. XD


  2. baka~
    May 03, 2011 @ 22:42:34

    I have a feeling Ruri’s relationship with Sena may be slightly “healthier” for her in a way, even if the dynamics between them is clearly dissimilar from her relationship with Kirino

    True. Recalling how Ruri was shunned by Kirino thanks to Ayase, Sena was the exact opposite. Not that she admitted they were friends but rather, her pride in loving her fandom, as disturbing as it may be, establishes the fact that she’s the kind of friend who will not forsake you in front of others just because you have weird hobbies nor would she condemn herself for loving things that most consider indecent. If anything, she shares Ruri’s pride and humility and seeing them work together despite their differences is a refresher for this series… Now if only Kirino would stay away longer

    On an unrelated note, my brain had a bloody hard time keeping itself together after hearing Kana say “onanie” and Mariya squeal “anal f***”

    that moment was… weird… I was awestruck at Ruri as she delivered those lines and was facepalming at Sena as she revealed her true intentions. Now I don’t know how crazily perverted these two are irl but their delivery of that scene left the impression that they truly are perverts 😀


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